How to Boost the SEO of your website using these 10 simple to follow methods

How to Boost the SEO of your website using these 10 simple to follow methods

Once in a while, we all come across articles related to SEO and how Google is changing algorithms every few months. To boost the SEO of your website, you may also have some scary thoughts because of the healthy competition on the web these days.

It’s not new to hear that most people are using wrong SEO techniques to get better Google rankings. Such techniques are called blackhat SEO techniques. You should be aware that Google likes authenticity and consistency.

In this article, I am going to teach you about whitehat SEO techniques that will help you boost the SEO of your website. I understand it can sometimes be intimidating, but there’s nothing to worry about. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to learn such simple things.

Whether you’re starting out or already have a website, you should never underestimate the power of qualitative content. To create something remarkable, you need to know how to optimise your blog posts for SEO.

10 SEO Methods You Should Use Every Day


Choose the Right SEO Plugin

While running a WordPress website, it might be a challenge to choose an SEO plugin for your site. Different people have different thoughts on each plugin.

Some people prefer All In One SEO Pack plugin over Yoast SEO for WordPress, whereas others like Yoast more than anything else. If we look at available guides and support, it’s good to use Yoast because you can easily configure it and find tons of tutorials to do proper settings.


Maintain the Page Loading Time Below 3 Seconds

According to Google, websites with the page loading time less than 3 seconds are considered over websites with slow speed.

Imagine you visit a website and wait for a few seconds to see the content of the page. What would you do? Wouldn’t you want to close it and search for something else?

People don’t have much patience and time these days. Everyone likes a fast loading website with minimum distraction. It’s crucial to focus on improving the page loading time of your website. Use a CDN, optimise images, use a few plugins, and choose a nicely-coded theme.


Reduce 301 Permanent Redirects

You may have heard of using 301 or 301 permanent redirects when a page breaks or something else goes wrong. According to a study, if you have many redirects, Google bots might not find it helpful.

So, it’s necessary to understand the concept of redirects before creating any. If a page is broken, it’s always a good idea to re-create it instead of adding a redirect.


Check for Broken Links

I am sure; you already know that more broken links to a website send negative signals to Google bots. I know you always try to get quality backlinks but never forget to check for broken links regularly.

Some SEO experts suggest running broken backlink check once a week. For example, when someone comments on your site, they add their site’s URL, and if their website is deleted from the web or the server is down for days, it appears to be a broken link of your website.


Always Create Original Content

No doubt, content is still the best way of building a lucrative website. Some people try to manipulate Google bots by adding copied content and end up getting penalised by Google.

You should learn the best ways to optimise your blog posts. Whether it’s about optimising the heading or the content body, you should keep on-page SEO techniques in mind.


Use Longtail Keywords

Before anything else, you should do some research for the keywords you’re going to use for your blog posts. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find the demand and competition of keywords related to your blog’s niche.

While choosing your keywords, make sure you use longtail keywords. A keyword like “SEO” doesn’t work well. You can use keywords like “boost the SEO of your website”. Even if you search for something, Google gives you some hints of longtail keywords.


Write Long Blog Posts

Do you know Brain Dean? He is the guy who has shown the world that even a few blog posts can be productive enough to beat every other website with hundreds of blog posts.

According to many SEO experts, if you want to improve your Google ranking, you should start writing longer blog posts. If you can pull-off blogs posts of 1500-2000 words, it would be amazing.

Although the best suggestion is to maintain the word limit of at least 1000 words per blog post.


Get Quality Backlinks

There’s a lot of rumors going on about getting more and more backlinks. You may have encountered people reaching out to you to sell backlinks.

Well, if you want to build something that lasts longer than others, you should get backlinks naturally. You can try guest posting, blog commenting, submitting your blog to directories, and a few other methods.


Focus on Your Target Audience

You may find people writing about comedy shows on a marketing website or something related. It’s natural to be curious to know how such websites manage to write about tons of different topics.

It’s important to understand that you should always target your audience. If you have a tech blog, you should focus only on tech articles, not Hollywood. Never lose your niche.


Interlink and Update Your Content

If you check WPBeginner, they write or update old blog posts regularly, and the post published date keeps changing. It’s because Google recommends the latest content at the top.

Along with fresh content, you should never forget to interlink your older blog posts to boost the SEO of your website. If you already have written about traveling to Disney Land, and you’re writing about your experience of visiting Wonderland, you should mention what you did during your previous trip.

I Hope It’s Not So Hard to Follow Simple Methods to Boost the SEO of Your Website

SEO is a scary term for beginners. There is a lot of SEO experts around the world who claim to provide the best methods to boost the SEO of your website, but the reality is something different.

As we all know, Google is responsible for deciding whether your website goes down or up, so no one can claim they can scale your website in no time. You should understand that SEO is a long run; it takes time.

You should keep following the whitehat SEO methods and avoid buying links or traffic. If you optimise your blog posts, update them regularly, maintain consistency, and keep going, you can easily boost the SEO of your website.

I hope such methods aren’t so hard to follow.

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