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Kamatera Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from Kamatera

Kamatera is a global cloud services platform provider, providing enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure products to organizations of all types and sizes.

Kamatera is part of an international IT based service provider established in 1995, and is at the cutting edge of cloud computing technology thanks to 20 years of expertise, access to the most advanced technologies and a hig...Read Moreh level of customer service.

Kamatera is operating in 13 global data centers, with thousands of servers worldwide, serving tens of thousands of clients including start-ups, application developers, international enterprises, and SaaS providers.

Kamatera's biggest advantage: The Users can Customize the VPS services tailored to their needs ! Meaning, the User picks exactly the services he needs - from different options of Processors, Operating Systems, Memory (RAM), SSD Storage, Operating Systems Adds-Ons, Public IP's, Data Center and Internet traffic Included, and built the Most Suitable Service for himself. The site is super easy to use, and users can create servers and more, in less than 60 seconds.
In addition - Kamatera is giving away 30 DAY FREE TRIAL!

Start out small and scale up as required, pay only for what you use, cancel what you don’t need.
Kamatera’s cloud infrastructure makes pay as you go a reality. You can start out with a single processor and move up to a cluster of 20-core, 256GB RAM servers. The best part is that you can scale - up or down - whenever you like, and you only pay for what you use.
The user can start with a small server and scale up and out as it grows.

Why Kamatera?
High Performance Servers

High performance computing means speed and reliability. Kamatera is constantly upgrading its hardware and communications infrastructure to keep our cloud computing products at the forefront of server technology and provide the fastest processing and reaction times.

Operating out of ten global locations, Kamatera’s servers run on cutting-edge technologies including 600Gbit bandwidth, using Solid-State Drive (SSD) hard drives and Intel E5 v4 Xeon Processors, guaranteeing 99.9% uptime.

Range of Products

Kamatera has developed a range of scalable, flexible cloud infrastructure products including Cloud Servers, Cloud Block Storage, Private Cloud Network, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Firewall, Fully Managed Cloud and more.

With two decades of experience, we do not aim to specialize in just one element of cloud computing; we want to give you everything. Our prices are low, our quality is high and our products are flexible. Moreover, we offer a highly interactive service, becoming an integral part of our customers’ team and helping you achieve your business goals through our expertise and commitment.

Flexible Cloud Services

Kamatera’s products are so flexible and cost effective that you can try out our products and drop them, for an insignificant cost. In fact, this flexibility is so ingrained into our philosophy that you can cancel any product at any time, and pay for it by the minute. This is why our motto is “probably the most flexible cloud in the world”: You can buy any of our products at a low price for a very short period of time, use it for as long as you like, renew it if it suits you and change it if it doesn’t. If you don’t need it any more, just cancel it with no questions asked.

Support Always Available

Kamatera believes in delivering enterprise-grade service to all our customers, at an affordable price. Our team is made up of skilled, dedicated administrators that are available on our helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist customers with any issues they may have. We pride ourselves on our unbeatable response time, expertise and commitment. For more information, please see Kamatera support.

Pioneers of IaaS

Kamatera has embraced and adopted the latest advances in global communications technology to achieve what was a mere pipe dream only a few years ago; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Offering the highest level of performance at a ‘mass production’ price, Kamatera’s IaaS is as readily available as electricity, internet or telephone services. In fact, as long as you already have access to these three resources, Kamatera’s Infrastructure as a Service does not require any additional installation.
Kamatera HomePage Screenshot
Money Back: Free Trial

Pricing Range

VPS CA$0.00 - CA$2,397.00
Dedicated Server CA$19.00 - CA$30.00
Cloud Hosting CA$4.00


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

Kamatera Awards

Roman Kováč

Pinned Review

Roman Kováč,
Hi, I would like to share my experience with Kamatera. About half a year ago, I have created a test FiveM server for my friend at Kamatera and due to some issues the subscription was still ongoing eve...Read Moren we didn't used the server after trying it. I had some struggles a while after when I noticed that I'm still charged by Kamatera. However even I had some problems with Kamatera support and their invoices that went to my spam folder it's all resolved now. The support team reached me and explained why it happened. They showed a really good manners and managed to fix internally all for the future so it won't happen again. I will definitely use their services again and can recommend.Less
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Mitchell Weston
Mitchell Weston from Australia,

Customer service

Customer service was unreal, Tom guided me through all steps with ease and made the whole process easy and super quick. I couldnt be more happier with the service so far !!
krishna mishra
krishna mishra,
I can also help with hosting services kindly let me if you're looking for it
Mohamed Kramti
Mohamed Kramti from Tunisia,

Stay away SCAM

Stay away, they charged me 20$ for a service that I never used!

They sent a bill titled" Random Card verification " what is that ?? IDK!! 20$ for card verification??

Started 2 tickets and they do NOT answer.

Live chat not...Read More helpful, all he said that he prioritized my ticket.

Still, didn't receive a refund!
Hi Mohamed,

Thank you for reaching out and providing feedback. I can assure you that your ticket is being handled. Someone will be reaching out to you by the end of the business day.
Mohamed Kramti
Mohamed Kramti,
Today I logged in to my Kamatera account and all the tickets are removed by you!!!
Again, Stay away SCAM.
They dont have an answer while they charged me!
I stopped using their services 7 months ago why are you charging me?
Hi Muhamed,

As stated in our previous direct discussion, your tickets are being handled.

Thanks for providing feedback.
aviel edry
aviel edry,
This what happened to me
aviel edry
aviel edry from Brazil,

Kamatera not taking urgently enough fix things and let you do thing on your own

I had issue with ssl asked them to fix https they tell me managment service. i bought it its been 2 hours and still dont fix it the give me tasks to do add' user add pass add this add that instead of fixing the error and the site ...Read Moreis down .
Also the y are lack of chat support.
also they close tickets before the problem has been solved
im sure there are better hosts out there
G Wilson
G Wilson from United States,

Best VPS cloud!

I've been using Kamatera for almost a year now, and even with a minimal A server, I can say the performance is 100% rock solid. I have not observed down-time or even degradation in performance. They really have the best prices, ...Read Morebest service, best quality, with no hidden fees. Before I started using Kamatera, this would have sounded too good to be true... But it is; give them a try! I can't recommend them enough.Less
Glen C.
Glen C. from United States,

Finally found a keeper...

We've tested many of the so-called "performance" server and data center providers, but always had an issue either with sluggish server performance or very slow support response times.

Our experience at Kamatera has been complet...Read Moreely the opposite. The server has been stable as a rock and very responsive. Helpful support dept. replies come quick, and they even give you a friendly, dedicated account manager that can help advise with your business-level needs.

With plenty of data center locations to choose from, the way forward is looking bright and we are very excited to have found a partner in Kamatera, can't say enough good things about them really.
Ajala SH
Ajala SH from Finland,

Great service, Great 24/7 support

I was using AWS and Google cloud, they always have hidden costs even in their free tier services. I found Kamatera a reliable service. It's only $4 per month without any additional and hidden costs. and ofc you need to stick with ...Read Morethe traffic usage quota per month witch is as big as 5TB. I am in my first trial month currently, and I will definitely continue using Kamatera after that.Less
Thank you for the kind words. We are happy your experience with us is going smoothly. We look forward to servicing more of your needs whenever it may be required and assisting you with any inquiries you may have in the future.
Roman Kováč
Roman Kováč from Thailand,

Kamatera unmeant subscription

Hi, I would like to share my experience with Kamatera. About half a year ago, I have created a test FiveM server for my friend at Kamatera and due to some issues the subscription was still ongoing even we didn't used the server af...Read Moreter trying it. I had some struggles a while after when I noticed that I'm still charged by Kamatera. However even I had some problems with Kamatera support and their invoices that went to my spam folder it's all resolved now. The support team reached me and explained why it happened. They showed a really good manners and managed to fix internally all for the future so it won't happen again. I will definitely use their services again and can recommend.Less
Hi Roman

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Your feedback is essential, and we rely on hearing from our clients, no matter the review.

Please know we’d like to make your experience with our company right f...Read Moreor you. We’ve sent you an email hoping you can be assured that your experience with us was not negative terms.Less

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Kamatera expert review cover image

Last Update | May 2022

Monthly Update – May 2022

Hosting PlansCloud Hosting; VPS Hosting
Top Features99.95% Network Uptime Guarantee; 30-day Free Trial; Unmetered Bandwidth; Load Balancing Servers; cPanel/Plesk; Content Delivery Network; Proactive Firewall Management; 24/7/365 Tech Human Support
Customer SupportLive Chat; Phone Support; FAQ


During May, Kamatera:

  • No updates.

Kamatera is a well-known cloud service provider with a global presence established in 1995. It has been a part of an international network of IT-based service providers known as OMC Computers.

Kamatera hosting provides a wide range of adaptable plans that are simple to configure and an enterprise-grade cloud service infrastructure. However, Kamatera is not restricted to only big organizations. Even individual users can use their services. You may also deploy resource-intensive applications without sacrificing performance. It covers topics such as gaming, VoIP, and IoT. Microsoft Exchange and possible load balancers are two more unique features. Unmetered bandwidth is also provided to ensure uninterrupted service.

Kamatera does not have a BBB listing (only applicable for U.S.-based companies), however, Trustpilot awards them 3.3 stars out of five (with more than 71 user reviews).



Rated by Bruno Mirchevski

  • User Friendly

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  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Is Kamatera The Right Host For You?

Even though I have some personal experience with Kamatera, writing this Kamatera brand review allowed me to research this cloud service more in-depth and confirm if all those great customer reviews are accurate. Fast forward, I created an account using the 30-day free trial. My “first impression” was that the control panel interface of the provider is relatively neat and intuitive. So, the next step was the server creation process, which was pretty simple.

Overall, Kamatera Hosting is an outstanding option for cheap but reliable cloud hosting. I will recommend it to those with some technical knowledge, but even if you don’t have such an experience, you can always try it out using the 30-day free trial. Its professionals will be available to assist you on-demand with all quests or issues you might encounter. So, a smooth experience is guaranteed!


Here Is How We Review:

  1. The first step of doing an expert review is usually testing the web hosts ourselves. Doing so provides the most reliable and detailed expert review. Purchasing a monthly subscription lets us familiarize ourselves with the product and explore its main features. Generally, we don’t use free trials when reviewing products or services because they usually don’t provide access to the whole package. We sign up for the basic shared hosting plan the web host offers most of the time. To maintain complete secrecy, we pose as regular customers, which we believe is one of the best ways to gather accurate data relevant to real users. Many web host companies advertise speed, uptime, and a variety of features when it’s just false promises.
  2. We start with the uptime rankings. When all the relevant information is in place, uptime rankings are easy to determine: it’s a matter of which hosting providers have the highest percentage and the lowest. We run web server speed tests and incorporate the results in our reviews.
  3. We explore in detail every feature that the web host offers. A feature can be defined as any additional functionality that makes your website run better, including free domain names and unlimited bandwidth. When researching a product or service we intend to review, we look at whether its key features align with its primary purpose. We assess web hosting providers on their overall package and conclude whether the price and plans of the product are worth it.
  4. Another critical step that we spend a lot of time on is the security and privacy the web host offers. We explore the security measures the product service provider in question implements.
  5. After exploring the product and service in depth and exposing all the major weak spots of the products and services, we make honest recommendations and never waste our time on tools, apps, and platforms that don’t meet our quality standards. With all the essential details covered, we write our expert review and update it regularly.
Note: Our AI technology at HostAdvice gives significant weight to customer reviews, or in this case, honest and unbiased Kamatera reviews. Worldwide customers are our best indicator of a web host’s quality. After all, a company might perform incredibly in one area and very poorly in another, say on another continent.


Pros and Cons


  • The control panel interface of the provider is intuitive and relatively easy
  • You have a 30-day free trial to try this cloud service and its features
  • Kamatera offers both Linux and Windows servers
  • The security services are highly effective
  • It is compatible with popular apps and services
  • Impressive 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Kamatera uses SSD Storage for all servers
  • The Customer Support is excellent
  • It charges you hourly for what you use
  • You can select from 13 data centers


  • The main focus is on enterprise-level customers
  • No shared hosting is available with Kamatera (cheap VPS alternatives are available)
  • The free trial provided by Kamatera requires your payment details (but you can easily cancel it anytime)
  • The tech support team gives only short answers to your questions
  • Technical knowledge is required


Pros and ConsA superb choice if you are looking for a low-cost but dependable cloud hosting solution



Tip: It would be best to have some experience with cloud servers because there aren’t any resources available to help a beginner, and also, that way, you can take full advantage of an unmanaged cloud server.


ParametersRatingWhy did we give this score?
Prices and Plans9.6Kamatera’s highly flexible cloud services range from $4 to $1,000 per month. You can set up your plan by choosing what services you need.
Features and Benefits9.6You receive a variety of great features and services included with your account. One of the most important things to note is that every server comes with automatic SSL certificates.
Performance / Reliability10.0One of the best aspects of using Kamatera is its fast cloud infrastructure.  When you sign up for a hosting account, you receive a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Most customers of Kamatera experience virtually zero downtime each year, which is very impressive.
Level of Support9.8Customer support is available 24/7 to help you with any types of issues that you may have. One of the best things about the level of support is that its technical teams are actively monitoring the environment for problems.
User Friendly9.8The dashboard or control panel is intuitive and easy to use.

The control panel interface was neat and pleasantly straightforward, and developers will love using Kamatera.

Overall Score9.8Kamatera is a superb choice if you are looking for a low-cost but dependable cloud hosting solution. So the overall score is excellent.

Kamatera Prices & Plans – 2022

Kamatera aims to make cloud hosting accessible to pretty much everyone, so the highly flexible cloud services range from $4 to upward of $1,000 per month, ensuring you’ll be able to find a configuration that gives you the computing power you need within your budget. The way Kamatera shares its price point and plans on its website is fantastic. You can adjust from a simple basic paid plan to a more customized package to see how much it will set you back per month. Kamatera’s cloud server product prices are transparent, with no hidden costs.

Kamatera (Brand Review)

Kamatera uses a price calculator. You can calculate your actual expenditure before launching your cloud server by selecting your desired configuration,  including the number of CPU cores, main memory, storage, management tools, etc. If and when you wish to adjust your server architecture, you can use the price calculator to gauge the impact of the changes. In addition, you can also choose if you want to be billed on a monthly or hourly basis.

For example, to be more precise, if you choose to type A – Availability with a single processor, 20GB SSD Storage, and 1024 MB RAM, the price would be $4 per month. Still, if you also choose Extended daily backup, the price would go up to $7 per month, or if you choose Fully Managed Service, the price would be $54 per month, and if you choose them both, the price would be $57 per month.

The entry-level server is cheap, and it comes with access to every feature Kamatera offers, but as you scale up, the prices rise sharply. Even though you get a free 30-day trial, you have to enter your credit card details on the account for security reasons. Also, the company doesn’t have a refund policy, so keep that in mind. Of course, you can add some optional extras, but you’ll have to pay extra.


Features & Benefits

For this Kamatera review, I was most excited about the many incredible features and benefits Kamatera provides. Every product, solution, and service comes with different features and specifications.

When you sign up for hosting with this company, you receive a variety of great features and services included with your account. So, brilliant reasons make this platform worth giving a chance. Let’s look at some of this hosting provider’s features and benefits.

Useful Tools

Firstly it should be noted that every server comes with automatic SSL certificates. Kamatera has features used for File Sharing, Version Control, Data Synchronization, Email Monitoring, CPU Monitoring, Backup, Data Migration, and many more. These features are essential so that Kamatera can be a hosting provider that you can rely on for speed, easy scalability, and reliability.

They offer technologies like Jenkins, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, Tomcat, Magento, etc. Jenkins is a leading open source automation server that provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying, and automating any project.

Global Presence

Kamatera currently operates 13 data centers around the globe and has thousands of servers under management. The company’s global data centers are located in New York, Texas, California, Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, and Israel.


Kamatera (Brand Review)


To be more precise, the 13 data centers are located in:

  1. North America: United States, New York, New York
  2. North America: United States, Texas, Dallas
  3. North America: United States, California, Santa Clara
  4. North America: Canada, Toronto
  5. Europe: The Netherlands, Amsterdam
  6. Europe: Germany, Frankfurt
  7. Europe: United Kingdom, London
  8. Asia: China, Hong Kong
  9. Middle East: Israel, Petach Tikva
  10. Middle East: Israel, Haifa
  11. Middle East: Israel, Rosh Haayin
  12. Middle East: Israel, Rosh Haayin (2)
  13. Middle East: Israel, Tel Aviv

The US data centers handle all of the North American regions and are conveniently located in the heart of the financial and technological center; the European data centers are strategically situated to handle the European market, the Hong Kong center serves the Asian region, and the Israeli center handles the entire Middle East region.


Kamatera is a service provider on an enterprise level. This company hosts sites and services for many large corporations, giving you confidence that it takes security seriously. Another critical thing about your sites’ security is that Kamatera operates in 13 data centers worldwide and has thousands of servers under management.

Important: Even if the Kamatera systems were the target of an attack, the chances are that your site wouldn’t be impacted.

Most of Kamatera’s services are operated out of two or more facilities, which gives you greater redundancy. All of the services at Kamatera are protected by advanced cybersecurity policies. The company does an excellent job at monitoring all traffic that comes in and out of its data centers to see if there are any viruses, malware, or other unwanted information. It monitors for threats like distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and takes steps to mitigate the harmful traffic as soon as it’s detected so that your site remains functional. For security, the cloud firewall enables users to set specific rules and protections, along with remote SSL and site-to-site VPN services. These companies often have governmental regulations related to what type of security steps need to be taken to protect their sites and other information. Kamatera ensures that all the data on its servers is kept safe and secure.

Overall, this company does a great job of keeping sites up and running while also safeguarding them from virtually all security threats.

Cloud Block Storage

Cloud block storage is a data storage system for cloud servers, resembling a virtual private hard disk. Kamatera’s cloud block storage can store any information and offers excellent value for money at the lowest cost per GB. The block storage is always available, fully scalable, and can be increased in size as required. If you do not need it, you can drop it off without paying for any more than you’ve used. Kamatera’s cloud block storage is an enterprise-grade, fully redundant system using high-performance SSD-accelerated disk drives. One of the main advantages of using a cloud block storage system is that it provides highly reliable, centralized storage with no single point of failure, making it ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • Storage systems for files, databases, images, or other file-level data
  • High demand, data-centric applications
  • Fast background storage processing

Each block storage volume is associated with one cloud server but can be detached and reattached to different cloud servers.

Disaster Recovery Management

Disaster recovery management consists of preventing a disaster and quickly resuming critical functions in case that disaster strikes.  Kamatera provides a comprehensive solution for the planning and implementation of disaster recovery.

Note: Disaster recovery protects an organization from significant adverse events such as cyber-attacks, equipment failures, etc.

Kamatera offers a leading Disaster Recovery Management solution in a subscription-based model that saves you money in hardware and software license purchases. It also offers ongoing monitoring and round-the-clock customer support to ensure that the technical team is available to assist you when you most require it.

Kamatera’s disaster recovery solutions include 24/7 real-time data replication, content system monitoring, and a Server Recovery Option. With Kamatera, your company database is saved onto a hard disk drive in real-time so that an up-to-date version of your data is always available for restoration if required.  At the same time, Kamatera’s system monitors the health of your server infrastructure and issues a notification to the failover mechanism and system administrator in the case of a fault.



One of the best aspects of using Kamatera is its fast cloud infrastructure.  Kamatera’s impressive cloud infrastructure should guarantee a blazing fast performance of all its websites. It also has servers everywhere; 13 data centers covering Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

High-performance computing means speed and reliability. Kamatera Hosting is constantly upgrading its hardware and communications infrastructure to keep our cloud computing products at the forefront of server technology and provide the fastest processing and reaction times.
Kamatera offers some of the best hosting services available today. When you sign up for a hosting account, you receive a 99.95% uptime guarantee, which is impressive because most companies today offer just a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so quite an improvement in the Web hosting industry where even seconds matter.

Most customers of Kamatera experience virtually zero downtime each year, which is very impressive. If you use your website for business-critical functions, you’ll appreciate its reliable systems.

1. Speed – Lightning-Fast Even During Free Trial

For this Kamatera review, I signed up for a free account. Then I deployed the server and set up a simple website. Thanks to the customer console, deploying the server and setting up a simple website was quick.

I relied on several tools to conduct tests. Fastorslow.com by WordFence is the first one. It measures the network ping of a host from 18+ regions worldwide. The speed was nothing short of impressive. It recorded an average of 30ms.

Since you want to keep load times under 2 seconds, ideally, that 1.1s average is excellent, and the server was very stable. The fastest loading time was 1s, and the slowest was 1.2s – and that’s because the page was heavy at that time. A quick page speed is crucial for many reasons in terms of server speeds.

Your visitors should expect web pages to load fully in under 2 seconds. With a few optimizations, you can get superior performance.

2. Uptime – Even Better Per Real-Life Measurements

Users are assured of a 99.95% uptime guarantee. As per Kamatera’s SLA, this means service unavailability not exceeding 8 hours per year. Anything outside the mentioned time frame warrants possible compensation. It doesn’t charge extra for hardware maintenance. Kamatera claims to need a single minute to set up your server and can instantly scale it up or down if you ever wish to change your initial configuration.

As per the refund policy, you shall be entitled to a month’s worth of free hosting. That sounds good, but the wording isn’t proper. It claims that an offer is an act of good faith. Events arising beyond Kamatera’s control will be excluded.

3. Loading Time – Consistency Regardless Of Your Visitors’ Numbers

Web page loading speed is a crucial part of a site’s usability. Google considers page speed one of the 200 ranking factors that influence a website’s position in organic search results, and it enriches user experience. With numerous other websites in your niche, the competition to earn site traffic and keep people impressed with rich usability is becoming more crucial. If your website does not load quickly, you will lose site visitors to your competition in a matter of seconds.

I ran a test to determine the loading time, and the results were one of the fastest results I have ever seen. With Kamatera hosting, even when multiple users use your website, there is no drop in performance.


Level of Support

Although Kamatera’s website provides a respectable amount of information on its infrastructure, its supply of services, and customer support, many options leave a lot to be desired. On their website, you can only find a few self-help options, where you can find a FAQ section with answers to three basic questions and a few articles on their blog. There is no trace of a knowledge base, not to mention video tutorials, guides, or anything. However, you can get help from Kamatera’s support team via telephone, live chat, support ticket, and email, most of which should be available round-the-clock. Wanting to test their live chat, I asked a few simple questions. I got my responses within minutes, and they were concisely answered with politeness. In my own experience, Kamatera’s support team seems quick to respond and happy to help. The services from Kamatera are outstanding, and most people won’t run into any significant issues. However, you can be confident that you get the support you need if you do. Customer support is available 24/7 to help you with any types of issues that you may have.


Kamatera (Brand Review)


Note: The specific level of support you receive and its costs depend on your chosen services.

Kamatera provides a Managed Cloud Service, which provides system owners with an expert cloud administrator who monitors and manages their servers.  An essential component of managed services is our exceptional support level, reflected in the package you choose. Kamatera’s customer service team’s dedication and round-the-clock availability are equally committed, no matter which managed service level you have chosen, and the customer reviews are an excellent example of that. In the picture below, you can compare the level of support provided with the various managed service packages.


Kamatera (Brand Review)


For example, if you have a managed service, it can assist you with anything you need. Its VPS hosting solution also offers comprehensive technical support to all its customers. Even though one of the best things about the support is that it offers its assistance if you contact them for help, that’s not the only one. Its technical teams are actively monitoring the environment for problems. This very moment is critical for keeping the corporate-level customers up and running, and all its other customers benefit from this type of service. If you want prompt and professional support, you’ll have to get one of their premia managed service plans.


User Friendly

As said before, I hadn’t heard about Kamatera until I started writing this review. So this was an excellent opportunity to test how user-friendly Kamatera Hosting is.

1. Set Up A Billing Profile, Generate Reports, and Access Activity Logs With No Difficulty

You get a statistics tool for tracking resource usage. All details are presented in beautiful graphs with different color codes. Below it, you’ll find performance details of the CPU broken down into percentages.

2. The Dashboard Or Control Panel Is Intuitive And Easy To Use

Its management panel puts you only a few clicks away from deploying a server. You need to pick a configuration, choose an OS (or a custom image), and you’re good to go. There’s more to do if running a complex setup, but the Kamatera control panel makes basic tasks effortless.

3. Developers Are Going To Love Kamatera Hosting

Kamatera isn’t something you would recommend to newcomers unless they are ready and willing to pay a pretty penny to have professionals do everything for them.

4. Scalability Is One Of The Top Benefits At Kamatera

Kamatera offers easy scalability for each of its servers. If users need more processing power for their websites’ demands, they can upgrade hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage.

Some of the pre-configured servers come with problems. I would not recommend Kamatera for beginners, and I wouldn’t touch the service unless I were ready and willing to write commands on the command line. But if you’re the kind of person who likes building your server from scratch, Kamatera’s solid performance might be what you want. And you don’t even necessarily have to do it yourself if you’re willing to pay.


Step By Step WalkThrough – Kamatera

A step-by-step walkthrough is essential for this Kamatera brand review to be complete. First, go to the Kamatera website.


Kamatera (Brand Review)


You will find a blue homepage, and the navigation menu on the upper part has tabs such as Products, Solutions, Support, About, Partner Program, and Kamatera Express. The first thing I did was the usual, creating an account.


Kamatera (Brand Review)


You have an option to try out the 30-day free trial option.


Kamatera (Brand Review)


If you are eager to try out what Kamatera has to offer but aren’t sure where to start, that is the safest bet because there is an ability to cancel their services at any point in time. The process of creating the account was straightforward. After providing my credentials, I received an email for account verification, and the account was created.


Using and Managing Your Website on Kamatera

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you will be greeted with your account dashboard.

The control panel interface is neat and pleasantly simple. The dashboard’s control panel interface has a left panel menu, quickly navigating through the dashboard.


Kamatera (Brand Review)


Kamatera put a lot of effort into ensuring that the control panel is not intimidating to people. But Kamatera isn’t something you would recommend to newcomers unless they are ready and willing to (for some unknown reason) pay a pretty penny to have professionals do everything for them.

The next step is creating a Server with Kamatera. The beauty of any cloud service is that you get to select the server as per your requirements. Depending on your website size, traffic volume, and other factors, you can create a server as per your specifications. Speaking of server images, that’s how this whole system works. You can choose from a large number of server images. Choose one, everything gets installed for you automatically, and you go on from there.

If you want to do things more or less from scratch, you can start with a simple OS image. Your options include CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, and, of course, Windows. The OS images are pretty up-to-date, too.


Kamatera (Brand Review)


Tip: Suppose you don’t want to spend the whole afternoon configuring all your software. In that case, you can install an image that already includes server software and an app of your choice (like WordPress, Joomla, or even MediaWiki).

You can pick an image with a control panel like cPanel, Plesk, or Vesta if you want more flexibility. However, you have to pay for any licenses yourself, which could be expensive.


Kamatera (Brand Review)


You can even choose the data center that you want.

Tip: Remember, selecting a data center is an important aspect. It would help if you opted for a data center close to the significant segment of your traffic origin.

For instance, if you get most of your traffic from America, you better go for a data center in America. Again, if most of your traffic comes from New York and its neighboring states, you should go for a data center in New York or one of the neighboring states. Such a strategic location ensures that your website loads quickly for many of your visitors.

I wanted to see how easy it was to create a server with Kamatera. The process was pretty simple. I had to select the My Cloud menu from the dashboard, under which I found the ‘Create New Server’ option. The next thing I had to do was to select a zone. A zone here refers to the location where Kamatera has data centers. Once I selected the zone, I had to choose what I wanted to install on the server that I was creating. There are multiple options.

I selected the App Images tab, under which I found WordPress. I selected the WordPress option to find another option that asked me to select the WordPress version. I have highlighted the steps that you need to follow with red boxes. The sequence you need to follow is represented by numerals 1, 2, and 3. The WordPress version that Kamatera gives is the latest. It will run on an Ubuntu server. Then it was time to create a server configuration. Kamatera offers four different CPU configuration options. They are:

  • Type A – Availability – Server CPUs are assigned to a non-dedicated physical CPU thread with no resources guaranteed. Server configuration is available from 1 vCPU to 32 vCPUs per server and from 1GB RAM to 128GB RAM per server. Ideal for various general-purpose applications like micro-services, small-medium applications, development environments, container services, or any server use that does not require guaranteed CPU resources. It starts at $0.00054/hour or $4/month.
  • Type B – General Purpose – Server CPUs are assigned to a dedicated physical CPU Thread with reserved resources guaranteed. Server configuration is available from 1 vCPU up to 104 vCPUs per server and from 1GB RAM up to 512GB RAM per server. This type is ideal for all general-purpose scenarios of production-use such as application server, web server, database server, container node, storage server, HPC, etc. It starts at $0.0123/hour or $9/month.
  • Type T – Burstable – Server CPUs are assigned to a dedicated physical CPU thread with reserved resources guaranteed. Exceeding an average CPU usage of 10% will be extra charged for CPUs usage consumption. Server configuration is available from 1 vCPU up to 104 vCPUs per server and from 1GB RAM up to 512GB RAM per server. It starts at as low as $0.0123/hour + $0.041/hour/CPU.
  • Type D – Dedicated – Server CPUs are assigned to a dedicated physical CPU core (2 threads) with reserved resources guaranteed. Server configuration is available from 1 vCPU up to 40 vCPUs per server and from 1GB RAM up to 512GB RAM per server. This type is used for all general-purpose scenarios of production use, such as application servers, web servers, database servers, container nodes, storage servers, HPC, etc. It starts at as low as $0.026/hour or $19/month.

For people with no development experience, Kamatera did an excellent job of giving confusing explanations for the different types. However, you will understand that the best server type for hosting small to medium or even large websites would be Type B. Type A is for those services and applications that do not require dedicated resources like RAM, CPU, etc. Type A is mainly for the development environment.

Type T or Burstable CPU configuration allows you to temporarily increase the CPU cores and RAM beyond what is allocated for your server. Once the need for the extra resources is gone, the additional resources will go ideal. And essentially, Type D is best suited for companies.

Type B is the general-purpose server type that anyone can use (think of it as shared hosting). So, I went for Type B, which is perfectly fine for any small or medium website receiving up to 100,000 visits a month.

Daily backup is included. Kamatera will take a backup of your website every day. If you enable daily backups or management services,  it costs more.

Note: I liked the server specs selection process because the interface will show you the exact price. 

Once I was done with the server configuration, it was time to select a networking configuration.

Tip: Keep your default option because this can get quite confusing.

There is no need to turn on the Private Local Network option because you want to make your website public. For finalizing the server’s settings, you need to assign a password. There are specific password rules. When you set the password, you select the number of servers you want. You can launch as many servers as you want and assign whatever names you want. If you launch more than one server, you need to pay for every server separately. For example, if you choose four servers and one costs 9$, you need to pay 36$ per month. After that, you can create the servers.

Once this is completed, you will see the completed message.

Kamatera (Brand Review)

After configuring a server, you can begin using its capabilities. Using this dashboard, you can manage everything on your server, including reboots, backups, configuration, passwords, and activity. If you want to manage your newly developed WordPress VPS, you can find the WordPress admin web, username, and password on the INFO tab.


Kamatera (Brand Review)

Enter your credentials and log in.


Kamatera (Brand Review)

Conclusion: Do We Recommend Kamatera?

Kamatera is a superb choice if you are looking for a low-cost but dependable cloud hosting solution. I recommend it to people with technical skills, particularly those with experience with WordPress and MySQL databases. Experienced developers will especially appreciate the granular approach to creating each environment and straightforward scalability. It provides a long list of features for deploying any app/website. The console is one of the best. Anyone can use it regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert. A resource manager is here as well. It is a fantastic platform for its services and a fantastic place to find everything in one place with great assistance and excellent customer service. Also, an important thing to note is that most Kamatera reviews, including expert and customer reviews, are positive.

Kamatera remains competitive with many other VPS and cloud hosting providers due to consistent server performance and reasonable pricing. I wouldn’t recommend this service for VPS beginners unless you’ve got some money to spend on the server management add-on.

But if you do, or if you enjoy handling servers on your own, I highly recommend Kamatera. It’s my number one choice!

Monthly Updates

During April 2022, Kamatera:

  • No updates.

During March 2022, Kamatera:

  • No updates.

During February 2022, Kamatera:

  • No updates.

During January 2022, Kamatera:

  • No updates.

During December 2021, Kamatera:

  • No updates.

During November 2021, Kamatera:

  • No updates

During October 2021, Kamatera:

  • No updates

During September 2021, Kamatera:

  • No updates

During August 2021, Kamatera:

  • No updates

During July 2021, Kamatera:

  • No updates

During June 2021, Kamatera:

  • No updates

During May 2021, Kamatera:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • All servers were up and running


Can I install WordPress on Kamatera?

Yes, you can install WordPress on Kamatera. The easiest option is choosing a pre-configured server image set up to install WordPress automatically.

Does Kamatera offer a free plan?

Yes, Kamatera offers a 30-day trial plan. The only downside to this is that you have to add your credit card details. The reason for this is a security measure to prevent malicious sign-ups.

How many data centers does Kamatera have?

Kamatera has 13 data centers worldwide. But the company intends to expand its services, so this may change soon.

Does Kamatera offer technical support?

Yes, Kamatera has excellent technical support. The services from Kamatera are outstanding, and most people won’t run into any significant issues. You can be confident that you get the support you need if you do. Customer support is available 24/7 to help you with any types of issues that you may have.

Kamatera Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
1 vCPU (Type A, 2667MHz, 1024MB) 20 GB 1 x 2.60GHz 1 GB CA$4.00 4.8 Details
1 vCPU (Type A, 2667MHz, 2048MB) 20 GB 1 x 2.60GHz 2 GB CA$6.00 4.9 Details
2 vCPU (Type A, 5333MHz, 2048MB) 30 GB 2 x 2.65GHz 2 GB CA$12.00 4.9 Details
2 vCPU (Type A, 5333MHz, 4096MB) 40 GB 2 x 2.00GHz 4 GB CA$19.00 5.0 Details
2 vCPU (Type A, 5333MHz, 8192MB) 50 GB 2 x 2.65GHz 8 GB CA$32.00 5.0 Details
4 vCPU (Type A, 10667MHz, 4096MB) 50 GB 4 x 2.65GHz 4 GB CA$28.00 4.8 Details
4 vCPU (Type A, 10667MHz, 8192MB) 50 GB 4 x 2.65GHz 8 GB CA$40.00 4.2 Details
4 vCPU (Type A, 10667MHz, 12288MB) 100 GB 4 x 2.65GHz 12 GB CA$56.00 4.8 Details
4 vCPU (Type A, 10667MHz, 16384MB) 100 GB 4 x 2.65GHz 16 GB CA$80.00 5.0 Details
1 vCPU (Type A, 2667MHz, 1024MB) Win2019 30 GB 1 x 2.60GHz 1 GB CA$23.00 4.2 Details
1 vCPU (Type A, 2667MHz, 2048MB) Win2019 30 GB 1 x 2.60GHz 2 GB CA$25.00 5.0 Details
2 vCPU (Type A, 5333MHz, 2048MB) Win2019 30 GB 2 x 2.65GHz 2 GB CA$29.00 4.8 Details
2 vCPU (Type A, 5333MHz, 4096MB) Win2019 40 GB 2 x 2.65GHz 4 GB CA$36.00 4.8 Details
2 vCPU (Type A, 5333MHz, 8192MB) Win2019 50 GB 2 x 2.65GHz 8 GB CA$49.00 4.8 Details
4 vCPU (Type A, 10667MHz, 4096MB) Win2019 50 GB 4 x 2.65GHz 4 GB CA$45.00 4.8 Details
4 vCPU (Type A, 10667MHz, 8192MB) Win2019 50 GB 4 x 2.65GHz 8 GB CA$57.00 1.0 Details
4 vCPU (Type A, 10667MHz, 12288MB) Win2019 100 GB 4 x 2.65GHz 12 GB CA$73.00 4.8 Details
4 vCPU (Type A, 10667MHz, 16384MB) Win2019 100 GB 4 x 2.65GHz 16 GB CA$97.00 4.8 Details
8 vCPU (Type A, 21333MHz, 393216MB) Customized 4 TB 8 x 2.66GHz 384 GB CA$2,397.00 4.8 Details
Start for free Unlimited - 0 B CA$0.00 4.8 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
1 vCPU (Type D, 2667MHz, 1024MB) 20 GB 1 x 2.66GHz 1 GB CA$19.00 4.8 Details
1 vCPU (Type D, 2667MHz, 1024MB) 20 GB 1 x 2.66GHz 1 GB CA$30.00 4.8 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
1 vCPU (Type A, 2667MHz, 1024MB) Unlimited 1 x 2.60GHz 1 GB 20 TB CA$4.00 4.8 Details

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