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OVH Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from OVH

OVH is a global, hyper-scale cloud provider that offers businesses industry-leading performance and value. European leader, OVH is the alternative in the cloud. Founded in 1999, the group manages and maintains 28 data centres across 12 sites in 4 continents, deploys its own fibre-optic global network and controls the entire hosting chain. Relying on its own infrastructures, OVH...Read More offers simple and powerful solutions and tools that put technology at the service of business and revolutionizes the way that its 1.4 million customers work. Respect for individuals, freedom and equal opportunities for access to new technology have always been firmly rooted principals of the company. Hence OVH's motto, "Innovation for Freedom".Less
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Pricing Range

Shared Hosting CA$5.90 - CA$10.34
VPS CA$8.17 - CA$31.30
Dedicated Server CA$88.23 - CA$1,001.52

Data Centers

Basem naseh

Pinned Review

Basem naseh,
Great customer service and website speed it is a good company for any one who want to have a website with low price and great plans go ahead it and do not worry about everything
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Vincent Zheng
Vincent Zheng from United States,

Terrible Service. No Access to China

I want to warn anyone about OVH.

1. They want you to pay as much as you can with or without a reason.
2. They do not have support. You can not call that support.
3. They have a terrible network to China. It is not possibl...Read Moree to use their Server In or out of China.

I used dedicated server hosting for over 10 years, I never meet a support team this terrible. Basically they copy & paste all kind of template forms, so that you will be providing them endless strange information all the time.

I attached screenshot of my conversation with their support and account team.
Henry Wythe
Henry Wythe from United States,

Horrible customer service

I downloaded files from my Google Drive and the blocked my account saying it was 'violaton of terms of service'
I contacted tech support and they reenabled the account
Then I uploaded files from my server to Google Drive and the...Read Morey DELETED THE SERVER with no warning, no backup, no notification.
You cannot reach a live person or chat or email. Online tickets only.
Rude (scornful) customer support.

OVH Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Personal plan 100 GB Unlimited cPanel 5 CA$5.90 1.0 Details
Professional plan 250 GB Unlimited cPanel 10 CA$10.34 1.0 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VALUE 40 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 2 GB CA$8.17 2.2 Details
ESSENTIAL 80 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 4 GB CA$15.65 2.2 Details
COMFORT 160 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 8 GB CA$31.30 2.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
RISE-1 4 TB 4 x 3.50GHz 32 GB CA$88.23 2.2 Details
RISE-2 8 TB 4 x 4.20GHz 32 GB CA$101.62 2.2 Details
SP-32-S 4 TB 4 x 3.50GHz 32 GB CA$106.50 2.2 Details
RISE-3 4 TB 6 x 3.60GHz 64 GB CA$112.30 2.2 Details
Advance-2 8 TB 6 x 2.40GHz 32 GB CA$120.32 2.2 Details
Advance STOR-1 8 TB 4 x 2.40GHz 16 GB CA$128.34 2.2 Details
Advance-3 8 TB 8 x 2.20GHz 32 GB CA$136.35 2.2 Details
Game-1 1000 GB 6 x 3.80GHz 32 GB CA$140.72 2.2 Details
GAME-32 4 TB 4 x 4.20GHz 32 GB CA$143.34 2.2 Details
Infra-1 12 TB 4 x 4.00GHz 32 GB CA$156.36 2.2 Details
SP-64-APAC 4 TB 4 x 3.50GHz 64 GB CA$177.51 2.2 Details
EG-32 8 TB 4 x 3.80GHz 32 GB CA$177.51 2.2 Details
Rise-4 4 TB 16 x 2.40GHz 128 GB CA$179.80 1.0 Details
Infra-2-LE 1.88 TB 8 x 3.60GHz 32 GB CA$187.63 2.2 Details
Infra-2 12 TB 8 x 3.70GHz 32 GB CA$187.63 2.2 Details
GAME-64 4 TB 4 x 4.20GHz 64 GB CA$193.93 2.2 Details
HOST-64H 4 TB 8 x 2.10GHz 64 GB CA$202.36 2.2 Details
Game-2 1.88 TB 8 x 3.90GHz 64 GB CA$203.27 2.2 Details
Advance STOR-2 48 TB 8 x 2.10GHz 32 GB CA$232.62 2.2 Details
Advance-4 8 TB 16 x 2.40GHz 128 GB CA$256.69 2.2 Details
HOST-128H 4 TB 8 x 2.10GHz 128 GB CA$278.26 2.2 Details
Advance-5 8 TB 24 x 2.30GHz 128 GB CA$312.73 2.2 Details
Infra-3 12 TB 16 x 3.10GHz 128 GB CA$344.00 2.2 Details
Infra-4 12 TB 24 x 2.20GHz 96 GB CA$359.64 2.2 Details
mHG-2019 12 TB 8 x 2.10GHz 96 GB CA$374.27 2.2 Details
MG-256 4 TB 20 x 2.30GHz 256 GB CA$541.44 2.2 Details
FS-MAX 4 TB 12 x 2.40GHz 64 GB CA$550.31 2.2 Details
HG-2019 12 TB 14 x 2.60GHz 128 GB CA$566.59 2.2 Details
FS-48T 48 TB 6 x 2.40GHz 64 GB CA$576.94 2.2 Details
FS-72T 72 TB 6 x 2.40GHz 64 GB CA$718.96 2.2 Details
BHG-2019 12 TB 28 x 2.60GHz 192 GB CA$1,001.52 2.2 Details

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