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Hostens Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from Hostens

Hostens is a division of the European web hosting company named Interneto Vizija, Ltd. The company was founded in 2003 and has quickly grown to serve more than 100,000 clients across Europe.

By combining affordable, scalable options with enterprise-level technology, we are able to supply our customers with domain registration, web hosting and VPS services.

With a focus o...Read Moren individuals as well as small businesses, Hostens aims to provide not only the best prices and professional support but totally clear and simple hosting packages without any hidden conditions. Less
Hostens HomePage Screenshot
Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting CA$1.20 - CA$4.82
VPS CA$2.01 - CA$100.36
Resellers CA$3.21 - CA$12.85
SSL CA$20.06 - CA$267.61


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

Hostens Awards

Wiliam Palomino

Pinned Review

Wiliam Palomino,
Im New user, but i think is Very good service. Spanish - Hola, soy ingeniero de sistemas, diseño páginas web y me gusta comparar servicios de hosting y Hostens me parece una buena empresa de hosting ...Read Morea precios accesibles. Voy a seguir probando con un proyecto de sitio de servicios y veré los resultados. Saludios y felicitacionesLess
Lukas Mozdeika
Lukas Mozdeika from Norway,

So far really content

Was slightly cautious choosing this hosting for such a low price, perhaps the lowest in the market, but everything so far works great. I had to redirect my domains purchased elsewhere to hostens but it was very easy to do and worked flawlessly.
Wiliam Palomino

Very good service. Congrat

Im New user, but i think is Very good service. Spanish - Hola, soy ingeniero de sistemas, diseño páginas web y me gusta comparar servicios de hosting y Hostens me parece una buena empresa de hosting a precios accesibles. Voy a se...Read Moreguir probando con un proyecto de sitio de servicios y veré los resultados. Saludios y felicitacionesLess
Kamran Akhtar
Kamran Akhtar from United Arab Emirates,

Amazing Fast Reliable Hosting Service of 2022

I have checked and used 4-5 hosting services till date and found hostens as No. 1 super fast and amazing service ever they provide 100% reliable service which is amazing to use must recommend for everyone looking for the best packages.
kristen McCulre
kristen McCulre from United States,

Worst experience I've ever had

Last year I intended to host and start a website through hostens. I never got to it and started getting emails about how the site was going to be cancelled if I didn't pay the invoive. I didn't pay it , guessing it would still be ...Read Morecancelled, because my card on file was not current and then notice didn't indicate it was. Somehow, they were able to charge my card. I tried to explain the situation and when I did the response was I had plenty of time to cancel it. I told them I didn't want the product and dont use it, and this doesn't seem to matter to them. SInce when is this customer service? I don't want to be your customer, you are misleading me, making me pay and then shaming me? Just crazy behavior to receive as a customer. It's just really bad customer service, literally stealing money from people with no regard for whether they want your service, and then telling them it's their fault. Whatever happened to customer service? I pay you for a service, no you trick me into paying you whether I want the service or not.Less
Vladimir Kyrylov
Vladimir Kyrylov from Sweden,

Хороший хостинг.

Хороший хостинг, но мог быть лучше. Объёма диска мало всего 20Gb, на других хостингах дают 30G , да и ОЗУ из 2Gb доступно 1.8Gb. Цена аналогичная другим хостингам.
Asanda Bixi
Asanda Bixi from South Africa,

The cpanel is bad

The price is good but once you buy you get stuck no support. And the control panel keeps on logging you out every time and there's no wordpress on the cpanel. I've submitted several tickets but no response.

I just had bad experience with them.
Krisorn Soo
Krisorn Soo from Thailand,

Bad sevice

First day Hosting system is blocked me to connect to cpanel ftp server and not have response from support contact
First day Hosting system is blocked me to connect to cpanel ftp server and not have response from support contact

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Hostens expert review cover image

Last Update | May 2022

Monthly Update – May 2022

Hosting PlansShared Hosting; VPS Hosting; Reseller Hosting; Website Builder
Top Features99.95% Uptime Guarantee; Automatic Backups;

Domain Registration; Up To 100 Websites; Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate; Up To 60 GB Disk Space; Up To 4 TB Monthly Bandwidth

Customer SupportLive Chat; Contact Form; Email Support

During May, Hostens:

  • Announced a 70% discount on VPS, Shared, and Reseller Hosting.

Hostens is a famous web hosting company based in Lithuania, created in 2003 and has many customers around Europe. Hostens specializes in web hosting, virtual private server hosting, and domain registration and transition services. Management of Linux and Windows servers, development cloud storage, and OpenVZ. Within these fields are virtual machine frameworks like KVM.

The Hostens board of directors comprises web hosting industry veterans with more than five years of professional server expertise. They are experts in several web hosting fields. It could be one of the superb hosting alternatives for novices because of its user-friendly approach, feature-rich plans, and affordable pricing.



Rated by Bruno Mirchevski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing


Is Hostens the Right Host for You?

Someone with more experience in the industry would have to be acquainted with Hostens. It’s a high-quality brand with several positive online reviews. To be realistic, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I initially received the chance to write the Hostens review because I wasn’t particularly familiar and comfortable with Hostens hosting. When I first began testing Hostens and reading the various expert and customer reviews, I knew I wanted to tell you about my experience.

My experience with Hostens hosting has been positive. The question is, will it be sufficient for your website? Read our in-depth Hostens review to find out!


Here Is How We Review:

It is more than necessary to have a specific concept that we will keep creating a genuine expert review that covers all essential facts, which will get you near to this web hosting and show you what it provides. There are five simple stages to reviewing in this Hostens brand review.

  • The first step in this process is to obtain a hosting plan from a provider. If not through purchasing a plan, how else will we put Hostens to the test? According to our previous experience, buying the cheapest web hosting plan that meets all testing requirements is sufficient
  • Upon selecting a hosting plan, the following step is to investigate each of the plan’s features extensively. Furthermore, our panel of professionals assesses the speed and performance of the chosen supplier
  • Our job isn’t done till we’ve exhausted all possibilities. To create the most proper evaluation for you, we looked at the benefits and drawbacks of web hosting, tested their customer service, and ensured that the price was reasonable. We’ll see if the investment is worthwhile
  • The first three steps are perhaps the most crucial. We publish the review and update it throughout the year after thoroughly reviewing them
  • It is critical to remember the customers to obtain a reliable expert review. As an unshakable link in the industry’s chain, we study client comments and compile a grade average for the hosting web service


Pros and Cons


  • Every plan includes daily and weekly backups
  • Cost-effective hosting options
    (they accept bitcoin payments)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Consistent availability
    (99.95 percent uptime guarantee on all plans)
  • Excellent client service
    (live chat, contact form, and email support)


  • There are no managed VPS options available
  • Bandwidth limit (on all plans)
  • There is no help with website migrations
  • There is no DDoS protection

Pros and ConsHostens is the hosting service for you if you want a reliable and straightforward hosting service with no hidden fees that will give you everything you need!


Visit Hostens


Parameter ScoreWhy Did We Give This Score?
User Friendly9.2Beginners will appreciate the Installatron one-click installer, which allows you to install popular programs without any technical knowledge. However, they obtained a 9.2 rating because it does not support website migrations, and there are a few issues in other customer reviews that need to be resolved.
Support9.0Hostens provides live chat, contact form, and email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also have a blog where you can find business news, tips & tricks, shareable insights, know-how, and more. However, they obtained a 9.0 rating since user experiences range from those who are delighted with Hostens’ services to those who describe them as “scammers” with poor customer service.
Features9.3All plans include PHP, Python, and Ruby programming languages, so there are many options. MySQL databases with remote connections and the phpMyAdmin management tool are also included. You may even schedule Cron jobs and gain SSH access, which is unusual for shared subscriptions.

SSD storage and CloudLinux are used in the hosting options. However, they earned a 9.3 because all plans have bandwidth limitations and no DDoS protection.

Reliability8.9Hostens has data centers in Europe, the United States, and Asia. It has consistent uptime and overall excellent service. Still, it received an 8.9 because many customers’ reviews indicate that they need to improve their connection with Asia. Hostens only guarantees 99.95 percent uptime, which falls short of tier 3 servers’ ability to maintain 99.98 percent uptime.
Pricing9.5Hosten’s hosting options are reasonably priced, especially for a Tier III data center provider. A necessary 30-day free trial is also available, allowing you to experience it before buying. However, they received a 9.5. There is a 30-day money-back assurance if their services do not suit your demands, but only if you’ve purchased the payment via credit card or PayPal.
Overall Score9.2Hostens is a prominent web hosting business with many features and more benefits than drawbacks. It does, however, require some modest tweaks to become one of the greatest on the market.


Hostens Prices & Plans – 2022

Because Hostens owns the computing infrastructure, it can offer some of the best prices on the market. They also have open marketing plans and promotions dependent on the transaction amount. Hostens offers three different types of hosting: shared hosting, VPS, and reseller hosting, with three other size plans available for each.

Monthly, 12, 24, and 36-month hosting plans are available, with a significant discount when purchasing a longer-term. A generous 30-day free trial is also available, allowing you to experience it before buying. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if their services do not fulfill your demands, but only if you have paid the transaction via credit card or PayPal, and it excludes domain registration and any add-ons.

In terms of payment options, Hostens accepts Alipay, BitPay, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, Boletol, and DOKU, and the ones listed above.

Tip: Our advice is to start with a less expensive package. Later on, you can always upgrade. Hostens can assist you in making the switch to a more expensive solution. The increase in visitors takes longer than predicted, so don’t spend a lot of money until the necessity comes.


Shared Hosting plans

Hostens (Brand Review)


New users, bloggers, and small businesses almost always choose the shared hosting package. This is why all web hosting service providers maintain their prices as cheaply as possible. The most affordable web hosting plan at Hostens is also shared, but it is pretty reasonable. In terms of shared web hosting, it starts at $0.90 per 3-year plan and goes up to $3.60.

This package comes with 40 GB of disk space and the ability to host up to 40 websites. Backups are essential for data protection, and they are included in this plan on a daily and weekly basis. Finally, the cPanel is a standard feature with Hostens’ shared hosting plans.


Reseller Hosting plans

Hostens (Brand Review)


The three-year plans for reseller hosting range from $1.80 per month to $7.20 per month. The Hostens reseller hosting plans were recently added to the hosting plan and are ideal for companies that want to keep their clientele.

It comes with 40 GB of disk space and access to 400 websites. This plan also provides users with daily and weekly backups. You also get cPanel and WHM features in addition to all of them.


VPS Hosting plans

Hostens (Brand Review)


Hostens (Brand Review)


Hostens (Brand Review)


Hostens (Brand Review)


Three VPS Hosting options are available. Small, Medium, and Large are the three options available. The cheapest plan costs $1.20 and $12.00 per month for three years. Furthermore, they provide VPS hosting in four flavors: Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Container VPS, and Storage VPS. Their most popular Linux VPS Hosting package is Medium, which costs $2.40 per month. Hostens’ VPS hosting package is ideal for mid-sized organizations in the early stages of development.

This plan contains 1024GB of disk space. They also include 8 GB of RAM and daily and weekly backups. cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk are all included in the subscription. However, they are left as options for the users.

Warning: You can expect a premium increase after using their initial plan term. Surprisingly, if you acquire Hostens’ basic plan for $0.90/month in the first few days, the renewal fee is substantially higher than the first month’s pricing. 

You’re secure and comfortable with Hostens! Hostens has chosen not to deceive customers with unlimited discounts, space, bandwidth, and other rubbish. There are no hidden fees or requirements with them. They’re straightforward and clear, giving you the information to understand the service and form an opinion.


Features & Benefits

Hostens hosting is the ideal blend of features and benefits that improve the client experience. Expert reviews reveal that Hostens does all a company requires, whether you’re a professional or a newbie.

1. Good Infrastructure

Due to happy clients and their recommendations, they evolved to become Lithuania’s most extensive hosting services firm in about 2005. They are glad to provide clients with domain names, website hosting, and VPS services by integrating low-cost, flexible enterprise innovation alternatives.

They are pleased to announce that they have over 13 years of experience in the hosting sector. Thanks to the apparent technological history of ‘Interneto Vizija,’ Hostens can provide a handy computing infrastructure in Vilnius, Lithuania, and accurate and uncomplicated network connectivity to each of Europe’s services interchange locations.

2. Global Presence

Hostens has around 100,000 customers throughout Europe. Hostens owns and operates a Tier III data center. Hostens has data centers in Europe, the United States, and Asia, including one in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Multiple data centers give good quality of consistent performance and speed worldwide, which a shortage of data centers would otherwise hamper. Hostens’ cutting-edge website is available in English, Estonian, Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese, demonstrating their commitment to a global presence.

3. Security

Aside from hosting and domain registration, Hostens can also help you with security. Each website’s security is critical. If your website is not safeguarded, you endanger yourself, your visitors, and other websites. Hostens provides SSL Certificates, ensuring that the information exchanged between the parties listed above is safe and secure. Even a single letter change, such as changing HTTP to HTTPS, improves your reputation. The certified strength of Hostens is exceptional. Only 256-bit encryption is available, which is the most robust accessible.

Important: Although Hostens has a lot to offer, one feature it (still) lacks is DDoS attack defense. They even advise their customers to adopt DDoS protection solutions independently, having been aware of the problem for quite some time. Although the likelihood of becoming the target of a DDoS assault is low, it is still a matter that should be resolved soon.


Hostens (Brand Review)


4. Spam Filters

These malicious emails are quarantined by Hostens using filters. It immediately recognizes spam emails and protects you from them. It also detects new patterns, ensuring that you are protected from even the most sophisticated spam attempts. Because Hostens cooperate with SpamExperts, the virus scanning tool is constantly updated, giving you the best possible security.

While you won’t have to lift a finger to set everything up, you can still do it yourself. You have access to all of the control choices you might need, allowing you to modify the settings for what arrives in your mailbox quickly.

5. VPN

You should consider using a VPN to protect yourself from hackers or even bypass censorship imposed by your government. A free WiFi network is the easiest thing for a hacker to break into. You can use Hostens’ VPN right away after purchasing it. Setting up is equally simple, as you only need to follow one of the given tutorials.

All Hostens VPN servers have a minimum port speed of 1GB. Furthermore, Hostens protects your information with a variety of procedures. With this VPN solution, you may use the OpenVPN and L2TP protocols.


Hostens (Brand Review)


6. Regular Backups

You will receive backup as part of your Hostens plan, included in all scenarios. So, if you accidentally delete your records, they are safely saved on your hosting. Every program provides weekly/daily backup options. Every day every week, except Sunday, backups are made automatically. Backups can be kept for up to two weeks. Hostens, on the other hand, does not provide backups for Storage VPS services.

7. A Dashboard That Is Simple to Utilize

Another critical feature of Hostens is its Dashboard, which aids with navigating. You can quickly look at domains, servers, hosting plans, etc.

They offer two dashboard interference options: cPanel and Plesk. For dashboard interference, we recommend cPanel, which many hosting companies widely use. Using Installatrion, a helpful one-click installer, you can easily set up SSL and install WordPress or other popular software, which is beneficial to new customers.

8. Website Builder

A website builder is essential for establishing an appropriate website for your organization. Hostens is a ready-to-use platform that allows you to create a website or shop less than hours. Their drag-and-drop website builder is great for newbies. You don’t need any technical or programming knowledge to design your website. The website builder’s key features include e-commerce, ease of use, 200 templates, multilanguage, numerous plugins, and artificial intelligence. And the best thing is that their subscription consists of a free website builder.


Hostens (Brand Review)



If you want to become the greatest of the best, your business must deliver exceptional results and dependability. Hostens always provide openness and encourage the reader to learn more about the hosting. When you use Hostens, though, you don’t have to be concerned. Hostens is considered one of the most outstanding web hosting businesses because of its qualities (according to both expert and customer reviews). So, let’s show you why this brand is different in this Hostens brand review.

1. Speed – Consistent, But It Could Be Better

There was no downtime while I was testing the service. In terms of performance, the SSD rates in my testing topped out at 100mb/s, so it isn’t the fastest out there. The page itself loaded swiftly, but I didn’t have any extensions installed, so your results may vary. Overall, it’s reliable, although not the fastest hosting service available.


Hostens (Brand Review)


2. Uptime – Solid Performance

Hostens claims a 99.95 percent uptime, which pales compared to tier three databases’ 99.98 percent uptime. Despite this, I recorded zero downtime when using UptimeRobot to track the uptime of Hostens’ official website for fourteen days.

There were several minor variations in reaction time but nothing significant to alter long-term performance.


Hostens (Brand Review)


3. Loading Time – Impressive Loading Score

I expected excellent outcomes because I had all of the necessary knowledge about the Hostens’ network infrastructure. This is one of the few times we’ve seen GTmetrix award a perfect score to a web page performance test, which is remarkable.

The website of Hostens takes 2.8 seconds to load, while the industry standard is 8.1 seconds with 48 requests; the proportion is 89, which appears to be impressive.


Level of Support

Customer service is an essential feature of a web hosting provider because you never know when your server or website will have problems. The hosting service must provide good customer support to avoid downtime or poor performance. Customer service is available 24/7/365 at Hostens. A team of professionals backs up this assistance.

The knowledge base at Hostens has a lot to offer. Many articles are classified into corresponding categories, with some being more informational and others being more tutorial-like. All articles are also accessible via the sidebar categories, with a selection of the more current ones highlighted. You can also use the search box as an option.


Level of Support


If you still can’t find what you’re searching for (or would prefer more personalized assistance), you may contact the Hostens team through live chat, email, ticket, or contact form. Because their support crew is available 24 hours a day, any issues, queries, or complaints should be answered quickly.

However, while we did not have a negative experience with Hostens’ assistance, it appears that a significant percentage of their customers did, as evidenced by a large number of complaints that can be found all over the internet. Users’ experiences range from those who are quite delighted with Hostens’ services to those who describe them as “scammers” with “pointless” customer service. We appreciate that no one can please everyone, but there are some concerns that Hostens must handle.


The website of Hostens takes 2


Note: To contact Hostens for assistance, you’ll need to complete a contact form.



Hostens primarily held my attention during my Hostens brand review because of the platform’s easiness. Everything is clearly explained and easy to understand, so you should have no problems utilizing it. Hostens has reasonable rates and unique features that range from beginner-friendly to sophisticated. Let me supply some information because I was intrigued to see if this site hosting service is user-friendly.

1. Creating an Account with Hostens

The procedure for creating a Hostens account is simple and quick. In less than 10 minutes, you may create an account. Isn’t that fantastic? The first step is to select a hosting package. After making your selection, click the ‘Order Plan’ button to move on to the next stage. The domain name is the second stage. You can either register a new domain name or use an existing one. The final stage is to examine and finish. You only need to type in payment information once you reach this step. Your Hostens account is up and running.

2. Selecting Domain Name

Choosing the proper domain name is as important as choosing the right hosting package, but it’s different. Like a strong logo, your domain name is critical in establishing you as an expert in your profession.

Apart from the domains that come standard with the annual subscriptions, Hostens also offers the option to purchase and register additional domains. Hostens offers 13 different domains, including some free with yearly contracts. Hostens covers all domain extensions, from.com to.org. It’s up to you to develop the perfect domain name for your company and register it with Hostens!


The website of Hostens takes 2


The website of Hostens takes 2


3. Installing WordPress

To begin, you’ll need a hosting plan that includes a domain name. So now you’re ready to start building your first WordPress website. Access your cPanel account. From the “SOFTWARE” area, choose “Installatron Applications Installer.” You’ll see a tab labeled “Applications Browser in the right corner.” Then type “WordPress” into the form. The button to click is “Install this application.” After that, you must fill in the relevant information and press the “Install” button. That’s it. There will be no file transfers or database building; everything will be automated.


The website of Hostens takes 2


Important: Backups can be created automatically by Installatron. It is advised if your website is hacked or your data is lost. Having a backup of your information is critical.


Step by Step Walkthrough – Hostens

After thoroughly describing everything, it’s time to demonstrate how to complete this Hostens journey.

The first step is to visit Hostens’ website and choose a hosting plan. I’ll use the shared hosting plan for the sake of my Hostens review because it’s what I need.


The website of Hostens takes 2


As previously said, the pricing is reasonable and affordable. I chose the S10 plan for this assessment, which costs $3 per month. You can, however, select the package that best meets your requirements.

You can now use Hostens to register a new domain, transfer an existing domain, alter the nameservers on your current domain, or use a free subdomain in the following step.


The website of Hostens takes 2


You can select the billing cycle and server location and purchase two additional services: SSL Certificates and SpamExperts Spam Filter.


The website of Hostens takes 2


You’ll then be prompted to input more information, such as your payment method and personal details.

Step by Step Walkthrough - Hostens


The terms of service, privacy policy, refund policy, and data processing agreement must all be read and accepted before checkout.


Step by Step Walkthrough - Hostens


Hostens will subsequently send the order confirmation to you.


The website of Hostens takes 2


You’ll receive a verification email when you first log in, and you’ll need to input the code and click “Verify” to proceed. Then you only need to log in. You should now be ready to go.


Using and Managing Your Website on Hostens

After logging in, Hostens’ll take you to the main Dashboard, and you’ll see four things on the main Dashboard that take up the majority of the page.


The website of Hostens takes 2


You’ve got bills, customer service, a balance, and a referral bonus.


The website of Hostens takes 2


Invoices provide you with a list of all the services you’ve used and how much you owe and their current status. You can consider placing a new order, finding the customer area, and even contacting support in the support area. In the referral bonus tab, you can get an intelligent link and advertising details, promote the connection with ads, track orders, and receive a 50% charge on every purchase, where you can gather your financial reward and contain 100% of your next shopping.

You may also get web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, secure VPN, SSL Certificates, Spam Filter, Domains, and DNS from the order tab.


The website of Hostens takes 2


Each choice allows you to scale and enhance your order according to your needs. You can choose between Linux and Windows in the VPS Hosting section, and you can use VPN services in the Secure VPN section.


The website of Hostens takes 2


Note: The rates fluctuate, and you get a different bandwidth cap and device support.

SSL Certificates make it easy to set up and get an SSL Certificate, and the process is straightforward. Here are the options:

  • PositiveSSL
  • PositiveSSL SAN
  • PositiveSSL Wildcard
  • GeoTrust TrueBusinessID
  • GeoTrust TrueBusinessID SAN
  • GeoTrust TrueBusinessID Wildcard
  • GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV
  • GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV SAN


The website of Hostens takes 2


SPAM Filters - Hostens’ primary software is SpamExperts. Daily, you can protect your inbox against spam and harmful email.


The website of Hostens takes 2


Domains– This tab allows you to buy many more domains and walk you through the process.

Hostens provides a DNS Manager for free. You have to set it up; it’s straightforward and a valuable freebie.


The website of Hostens takes 2The website of Hostens takes 2


Your home screen should appear like this once the payment has been processed.

And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Review your domain, label, status, registration date, first payment amount, recurring amount, next due date, and billing cycle in the Service Details section. You can also get information like the hostname, shared IP address, and even the server’s location.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


The URL you can use to log in and the username and password are displayed on the login details tab. You’ll be able to access your cPanel from here once you log in.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Installing an app is simple - You may install any program here. Click on the small “Install” phrase beneath one of them.


Using and Managing Your Website on Hostens


You also have a direct link to the cPanel login page.


Using and Managing Your Website on Hostens


Site Builder - Launches Hostens’ website builder. You can choose and install a variety of themes from this page.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Access WebMail -it allows you to access the webmail.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Improve your SEO-MarketGoo is where you can create an account and log in to manage your SEO. MarketGoo is billed as the most straightforward program for increasing website traffic and ranking in search engines by utilizing simple chores and data.

Note: You don’t need to be tech-savvy or an SEO specialist to optimize anything.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Account Usage / Info-You may see a lot of information under the account statistics tab. You may view monthly bandwidth transfer, disk space consumption, email accounts, mailing lists, add-on domains, subdomains, parked domains, FTP accounts, All SQL Databases, email forwarders, and email filters.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Manual Service Renew-when the necessity arises, you can manually renew the service.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Change Billing Cycle - You can change your service’s billing cycle. You can adjust and upgrade your cycle to a higher one, from monthly to annual.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Upgrade / Downgrade - You can easily switch from one web hosting plan to another, allowing you to scale things up.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


You can cancel your subscription by submitting a Request Cancellation.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


cPanel Functions

Web Applications - This feature allows you to view the featured applications, which vary by host. PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, and MediaWiki are available with Hostens.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


File Manager, Images, Directory Privacy, Disk Usage, Web Disk, FTP Accounts, FTP Connections, Backup, Backup Wizard, Git Version Control, File and Directory Restoration, and Inode Usage are all available in the Files section.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Databases - includes phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, MySQL Database Wizard, and Remote MySQL.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Site Publisher, Domains, Add-on Domains, Subdomains, Aliases, Redirects, and Dynamic DNS are all available in the Domains section.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Email Accounts, Forwarders, Autoresponders, Default Address, Mailing Lists, Track Delivery, Global Email Filters, Email Filters, Email Deliverability, Address Importer, Spam Filters, Encryption, BoxTrapper, Calendars and Contacts, and Email Disk Usage are just a few of the many features available in cPanel’s email section.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Metrics - You’ll be able to see your visitors, errors, bandwidth consumption and availability, raw access, Awstats, Analog Stats, Webalizer, Webalizer FTP, Resource Usage, and ModSecurity Logs under the Metrics section.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


SSH Access, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS, Manage API Tokens, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, ModSecurity, SSL/TLS Status, Two-Factor Authentication, and ImunifyAV are among the security features available.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Installatron Applications, PHP PEAR Packages, Perl Modules, Site Software, Optimize Website, Select PHP Version, Setup Python App, Setup Ruby App, and Site Builder are available software options.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


The Terminal, Cron Jobs, Indexes, Error Pages, Apache Handlers, and MIME Types are all accessible through the Advanced tab.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Password and security, contact information, user manager, contact support, and the support knowledge base are all available under Preferences and Support.


And if you click on Web Hosting, you’ll see a variety of options


Conclusion: Do We Recommend Hostens?

Hostens is undoubtedly the best option for anyone looking for a low-cost package. Because of their performance, service, and features at a reasonable price are highly recommended for new users, developers, and especially bloggers. They offer free domain and website creation, making things easier for newcomers. There’s the service area, where they’ve proven their worth by being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Finally, there are no hidden costs, which enhances the user experience and fosters confidence and reliability. They offer enterprise-level technology and service even at entry-level plans and at a reasonable price, making them a profitable deal.

Monthly Updates

During April 2022, Hostens:

  • Announced exclusive deal with HostAdvice for 50% discount for yearly orders with coupon: HOSTAD50.
  • Announced exclusive deal with HostAdvice for 50% discount for monthly orders with coupon: HADVICE.
  • Announced a 90% discount on all plans.

During March 2022, Hostens:

  • Continued the 70% discount on all plans.
  • Its sg1.asia.cpanel.hostens.cloud server was under a DDoS attack.

During February 2022, Hostens:

  • Experienced a name malfunction on the sg1.asia.cpanel.serverhost.name server.
  • Continued the 70% discount on all plans.

During January 2022, Hostens:

  • Experienced issues with SpamExperts SPAM Filter.
  • Continued the 70% discount on all plans.

During December 2021, Hostens:

  • Continued the 70% discount on all plans.
  • Didn’t report any server issues.

During November 2021, Hostens:

During October 2021, Hostens:

During September 2021, Hostens:

During August 2021, Hostens:

  • 70% off on all plans
  • Updated pricing policy: renewal price is equal to the original price (price on first purchase)
  • 83% off on for Hostens package (alternative approach – use code FI1GWWHJ6SXU)

During July 2021, Hostens:

  • 70% off on all plans

During June 2021, Hostens:

  • 70% off on all plans

During May 2021, Hostens:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Didn’t report any server issues
  • 70% off on all plans


On what kind of data center does Hostens operate?

Hostens maintains a tier-three data center and has a multilingual website.

How responsive is Hostens’ customer service?

Hostens provides excellent customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week via live chat, email, ticket assistance, and access to its knowledge base.

Can you save cPanel package backups?

Backups are made daily and weekly by Hostens. Backup solutions are offered for Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting. However, they do not assist with website migrations.

Is there a money-back guarantee from Hostens?

If you are unhappy with their service, you can get your money back. It is feasible within 30 days, depending on the goods you choose. However, you must pay for the plan via PayPal or a credit card to claim a refund.

Hostens Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
S10 10 GB 1 TB cPanel 10 CA$1.20 4.1 Details
S20 20 GB 2 TB cPanel 20 CA$2.41 4.4 Details
S30 40 GB 4 TB cPanel 40 CA$4.82 2.8 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Small 20 GB 1 x 2.60GHz 2 GB CA$3.01 4.6 Details
Medium 40 GB 1 x 2.60GHz 4 GB CA$6.02 4.6 Details
Large 80 GB 2 x 2.60GHz 8 GB CA$12.04 4.4 Details
Container Small 20 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 2 GB CA$2.01 4.3 Details
Container Medium 40 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 4 GB CA$4.01 4.6 Details
Container Large 80 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 8 GB CA$8.03 4.8 Details
Storage Small 256 GB 1 x 1.70GHz 512 MB CA$2.01 4.6 Details
Storage Medium 512 GB 1 x 1.70GHz 1 GB CA$4.01 4.8 Details
Storage Large 1 TB 1 x 1.70GHz 2 GB CA$8.03 3.7 Details
Windows Small 40 GB 1 x 2.60GHz 2 GB CA$25.09 4.4 Details
Windows Medium 60 GB 1 x 2.60GHz 4 GB CA$50.18 1.2 Details
Windows Large 80 GB 2 x 2.60GHz 8 GB CA$100.36 4.4 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
R10 20 GB 2 TB WHM CA$3.21 4.6 Details
R20 40 GB 4 TB WHM CA$6.42 4.9 Details
R40 60 GB 8 TB WHM CA$12.85 4.6 Details

SSL Plans

Plan Name Features Warranty Price Score
Positive SSL
Express issuance
Only domain validation
CA$13,380.95 CA$20.06 4.4 Details
GeoTrust True BusinessID
1-3 days validation
Business validation
CA$1,672,618.75 CA$200.70 4.4 Details
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV
1-10 days validation
Extended validation
Green address bar
CA$2,007,142.50 CA$267.61 4.4 Details

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