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Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers In 2023

While your content might be subject to DMCA removal requests, you can avoid this issue with an ignored DMCA hosting that will keep you online at all times and throw the DMCA letters out the window.


Top 6 DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers

  • 1
    Ultahost review Incl. 475 user reviews
    NVMe Storage With 200% Faster performance than SSDs
    Most Affordable Plans With A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Fast 24/7/365 Expert Support, Free DDOS Protection - Free SSL
    • Space 30 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 512 GB
    CA$3.92 / mo
    1 Coupons
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  • 2
    Koddos review Incl. 52 user reviews
    offers a variety of add-on services, such as domain registration, SSL certificates, and website builders
    30-day money back guarantee on all of their hosting plans
    provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat
    • Space 20 GB – 1 TB
    • RAM 512 MB – 125 GB
    CA$12.11 / mo
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  • 3
    VSYS Host review Incl. 91 user reviews
    Great choice of two established and secure offshore locations: Kyiv (UA) & Amsterdam (NL)
    In-house technical support team operating 24/7 on a year-round basis
    Multiple payment methods, including Bitcoin
    • Space 1 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 256 GB
    CA$6.77 / mo
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  • 4
    KnownSRV review Incl. 16 user reviews
    Extensive Legal and Technical Systems in Placechr
    One of The Strictest Privacy Laws in Europe
    Fast and Reliable with DDoS Protection
    • Space 5 GB – 480 GB
    • RAM 2 GB – 32 GB
    CA$3.99 / mo
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  • 5
    ZYNOO review Incl. 26 user reviews
    Enterprise-class hardware, free DDoS protection, 24/7 customer support, and Softaculous auto install
    LiteSpeed web servers, latest cPanel, Raid 10 SSD storage, unlimited databases, and email accounts
    Integrated with the cPanel control panel, Cloudlinux OS, and the latest PHP version
    • Space 20 GB – 2 TB
    • RAM 1 GB – 32 GB
    CA$8.05 / mo
    1 Coupons
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  • 6
    Blueangel.host review Incl. 87 user reviews
    Enterprise-Grade Hardware for Superior Performancechre
    Total Privacy, Data Security, and A Wide Range of Accepted Contents
    Free DDoS Protection, File, Database & Script Transfers
    • Space 5 GB – 2 TB
    • RAM 1 GB – 32 GB
    CA$2.64 / mo
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  • 7
    Offshore Servers review Incl. 300 user reviews
    Fast SSD Services and Private Offshore Networkclou
    cPanel, 280+ Install Scripts, Latest PHP & MySQL
    High-Grade Hardware, Instant Setup, and Premium Support
    • Space 5 GB – 4 TB
    • RAM 1 GB – 128 GB
    CA$12.18 / mo
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  • 8
    Hostinger review Incl. 2425 user reviews
    Highly Affordable Plans With A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Extremely User-Friendly Hostinger Panel, A Free Domain, Lifetime SSL & DDoS Protection
    Powerful Developer Tools, Custom-Built WP Optimization Stack & Litespeed Cache
    • Space 20 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 16 GB
    CA$2.69 / mo
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  • 9
    is*hosting review Incl. 523 user reviews
    Certified and Reliable Datacenters, High-Quality Services, and Only the Most Advanced Technologies
    Privacy & Confidentiality, Anonymous Payment Methods, and The Ability to Order Through VPN/TOR
    No Long-Term Contracts and Legendary Technical Support Always on The Client's Side
    • Space 20 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 64 GB
    CA$6.77 / mo
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  • 10
    Stromonic review Incl. 425 user reviews
    Durable Managed WordPress Hosting Built on Stromonic Cloud 3-5x Faster Than Public Clouds
    Managed Security, Automated Backups, Free Global CDN, and Application Performance
    Tireless 24/7/365 Support, Experienced DevOps, and A Very Flexible Tech Stack
    • Space Unlimited
    • RAM 512 MB – 256 GB
    CA$2.64 / mo
    2 Coupons
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Finding the right DMCA ignored hosting provider is tricky because it is offshore and operated by discreet organizations. This is because, as the name suggests, these hosting providers ignore any DMCA takedown requests of their clients’ websites. As a result, DMCA ignored hosting providers have to operate in non-Western jurisdictions and value their customer’s privacy. However, many such providers have extremely poor services because they are out of reach.

So we have composed this top five list to help you choose a DMCA ignored hosting provider for your website. We factored several companies’ features, customer support service, reliability, and affordability using our own independent tests and other customers’ testimonials. Knowing which DMCA ignored hosting providers to trust can be difficult because of the lack of transparency and the nature of their operations. Fortunately, this list will help you know which one is ideal for you.

The Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers Of 2023 (Bought And Tested)

Ultahost Reviews Incl. 474 user reviews
NZ$4.64 /mo
38 hosting plans
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Moneyback 30 Days

UltaHost has become one of the mainstream, prominent web hosting providers. They have cultivated a reputation for reliability and consistency. And it is one of the very few companies of that caliber that also offer DMCA ignored web hosting. UltaHost’s leading services prove their status as an industry pioneer is well-deserved.

  • Overall Score 4.8/5
  • Features 5/5
  • Support 5/5
  • User Friendliness 5/5
  • Pricing 4/5
  • Reliability 5/5

Features 5/5: As an established legacy brand, UltaHost offers its customers an impressive host of features. All packages have free daily backups, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates, free domain registration, free web migrations, and much more. Moreover, they offer NVMe SSD storage for DMCA ignored web hosting, ensuring rapid load times and consistent uptimes.

Support 5/5: UltaHost’s customer support agents are available via 24/7 live chat, email, tickets, and phone calls. They were exceptionally well-informed and were able to answer our queries swiftly. We were able to get a hold of them swiftly, especially via their very active live chat. The agents were quite responsive on live chat and tickets, and we could even reach their phone agent via Skype at any time of the day.

User Friendliness 5/5: Since it is a major hosting provider, UltaHost has the necessary experience and expertise to design their UI/UX to be as comfortable for their users as possible. To this end, they incorporate cPanel as their preferred control panel. cPanel is popular for its ease of use and familiarity. Setting up an account with them is also a breeze.

Pricing 4/5: UltaHost’s services are pricier than those of its peers in the offshore hosting sector. However, it is pertinent to note the long list of features they offer. Here is a breakdown of their DMCA Ignored Linux VPS Packages:

  • VPS Basic: $7.60/month
  • VPS Business: $13.20/month
  • VPS Professional: $25.00/month
  • VPS Enterprise: $29.90/month

Reliability 5/5: By virtue of its large size, UltaHost successfully delivers on its promise of 99.99 percent uptime. They even have an uptime of 0.8 seconds – thanks in part to NVMe SSD storage options. UltaHost also actively monitors its servers and frequently carries out maintenance to ensure all its customers are above board, safe, and secure.

Pros Of UltaHost

  • Free Daily Backups
  • Great Uptime and Load Time
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Brand Recognition

Cons Of Ultahost

  • High Prices
  • High Barrier to Entry

Final: Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers In 2022

ultahost logoUltaHost is a legacy brand that has the experience to keep your website safe, fast, and active. Check out UltaHost plans today!


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Koddos Reviews Incl. 52 user reviews
NZ$14.31 /mo
20 hosting plans
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Moneyback 7 Days

KoDDoS is a Hong Kong-based offshore hosting provider that was founded in 2007. It offers many quality services, including shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated offshore hosting. It is a place where customers can conduct their business without worrying about their privacy, safety, and anonymity. It’s perfect for all those who are restricted by DMCA laws and need a place to express themselves freely. KoDDoS is widely known for its excellent security features and DDoS protection.

  • Overall score: 4.7
  • Features: 4.7
  • Support: 4.8
  • User Friendly: 4.7
  • Pricing: 4.6
  • Reliability: 4.6

Features: KoDDoS is known for its amazing features, especially in the areas of security and DDoS. It includes 24/7 monitoring, uninterrupted application layer (layer 7) operations, advancements, SSL, server management, medium-risk, and high-risk hosting, traffic filtering, free migration, DDoS proxy protection, and DDoS-protected colocation. However, we gave it a 4.7 score because not all plans come with a dedicated IP address and DDoS protection.

Support: KoDDoS offers 24/7 customer support that is available via live chat, email, and phone. Additionally, you contact the customer support team through Facebook and Twitter direct messages. However, we gave it a 4.8 score because some of the information on the website regarding the customer support team is contradictory and because the response time can be quite long.

User Friendly: KoDDoS provides many features that make the hosting experience easier for its customers, including many one-click install applications, SEO tools, fully managed support, and the cPanel control panel. We gave it a 4.7 score because customers need to pay additional fees for some of the control panels.

Pricing: The cheapest KoDDoS plan is the Mini Plan A offshore web hosting plan. It comes at $8.95 per month and contains 20 GB of Raid-10 storage, 300 GB of premium bandwidth, unlimited MySQL, email, and FTP, two addon, and two parked domains. However, we gave it a 4.6 score because KoDDoS has more expensive plans overall compared to its competitors.

Reliability: KoDDoS is a top-quality, secure, and reliable provider that offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Its network uses Juniper Networks and Cisco hardware and is built for redundancy and resilience. All of its servers are LiteSpeed web servers that are powered by Intel Xeon E3 or E5 CPUs. Additionally, it provides the Softaculous auto-installer, Cloudflare CDN, and RAID-10 SSD-Cached or Pure SSD storage. However, KoDDoS only has three data centers in Amsterdam, Washington, and Hong Kong, which is why we gave it a 4.6 score.

Additional parameter – DDoS protection: 5.0: DDoS protection is a must for all websites and businesses that work with sensitive data and want to protect themselves from hackers and breaches and protect their anonymity online. So, when it comes to KoDDoS, it excels in this area and provides special high-risk hosting plans, excellent DDoS protection, DDoS-protected servers, DDoS proxy protection, and DDoS-protected colocation. Therefore, it is no surprise that we gave it a 5.0 score.

Pros and Cons


  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • DDoS proxy protection
  • DDoS-protected colocation
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Softaculous auto-installer
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Server management
  • Many different plans
  • 24/7 customer support
  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • Unlimited MySQL, email, and FTP
  • Raid-10 storage
  • Hardware from Juniper Networks and Cisco


  • Limited information on the company
  • 24h-wait for a customer support response
  • Expensive plans

Final: KoDDoS Vendor Add-Ons

Final: KoDDoS Vendor Add-OnsIf you need a reliable, secure provider that offers DMCA-Ignored hosting, then KoDDoS might be your answer. Check it out today and learn more about its DDoS-protected servers, DDoS proxy protection, and DDoS-protected colocation!


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ZYNOO Reviews Incl. 26 user reviews
NZ$9.51 /mo
15 hosting plans
Moneyback 7 Days

Zynoo is a Bulgarian hosting provider that offers excellent offshore hosting. Among its services, it provides shared offshore hosting, dedicated offshore hosting, and VPS offshore hosting. It is an amazing company that has excellent features and enables its users to remain private while online and enjoy DMCA-ignored hosting because of its offshore nature. All of its servers are located in Sofia, Bulgaria, and are powered by enterprise-level hardware and modern Tier III+ carrier-neutral data centers.

  • Overall score: 4.7
  • Features: 4.8
  • Support: 4.7
  • User Friendly: 4.6
  • Pricing: 4.7
  • Reliability: 4.7

Features: Zynoo is known among its customers for its excellent free and paid features, including free DDoS protection of up to 500+ Gbps, a free database, script, and file transfer, RAID-10 SSD storage, server monitoring, full root access, unlimited bandwidth, and an ultra-fast network. We only gave it a 4.8 score because free DDoS protection and SSD storage are not available for all dedicated server hosting plans.

Support: Zynoo provides its customers with expert 24/7/365 customer support that is available via tickets, live chat, and its designated Client Area. Zynoo also provides an extensive knowledge base where you can find a multitude of tips and solutions. We only gave it a 4.7 score because it does not provide phone support.

User Friendly: Zynoo is considered to be quite user-friendly and easy to navigate by its customers. It provides the Softaculous auto-installer and the cPanel control panel, which are known for their ease of use. However, it received a 4.6 score because its knowledge is a bit complex to navigate.

Pricing: The cheapest plan that Zynoo offers is its shared offshore plan, the Business plan, which costs $5.95 per month. It includes 30 GB of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, 2 GB RAM, 1.5 vCore, and the ability to host up to 20 domains. It received a 4.7 score because its plans are more expensive compared to competitors.

Reliability: Zynoo is widely regarded for its reliability and for being among the few hosting providers that have a 100% uptime guarantee on all services. Its infrastructure is supported by enterprise-level hardware and uses LiteSpeed web server software across all servers. Additionally, all of its data centers are modern Tier III+ carrier-neutral data centers. However, it received a 4.7 score because it only has one data center overall.

Additional parameter – Server location: 4.2: Server location is crucial for any website because it affects the website’s downtime and latency. The further the website’s or target audience’s location is from the server it’s hosted on, the more likely they will experience downtime and latency issues. In Zynoo’s case, it receives a 4.2 score because it only has one data center in Bulgaria, which means that while customers from Europe and some Asian and African countries will receive excellent services, it is not great for customers that operate outside these regions due to server distance.

Pros and Cons


  • A 100% uptime
  • 24/7/365 customer support with excellent response times
  • Free DDoS protection of up to 500+ Gbps
  • Free database, script, and file transfer
  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • Enterprise-level hardware
  • Softaculous auto install
  • Unlimited databases, email accounts, and FTP accounts
  • Server monitoring


  • No phone support
  • Only one data center

Final: 19 Provider Add-Ons

Final: 19 Provider Add-OnsZynoo is an excellent choice for all who are looking for a fast and secure DMCA-ignored hosting provider with amazing and advanced features. Check it out today to learn more about its services!



Blueangel.host Reviews Incl. 87 user reviews
NZ$3.12 /mo
16 hosting plans
Visit Blueangel.host
Moneyback 7 Days

BlueAngelHost understands that any website that is liable to get taken down by a DMCA notice is also vulnerable to cyber-security threats. So they have bolstered their data security mechanisms while simultaneously relaxing their eligibility criteria for websites that want to be hosted on the platform. This way, they have ensured everyone’s identity and data are both safe.

  • Overall Score 4.5/5
  • Features 4/5
  • Support 4.5/5
  • User Friendliness 4.5/5
  • Pricing 4/5
  • Reliability 5/5

Features 4/5: BlueAngelHost will provide its customers with excellent web migration services, SSH, root access, and 1 TB of bandwidth for the most basic package. Furthermore, they offer some customization options, too. However, while BlueAngelHost’s features are enough to get you by, they are comparatively lackluster – with many of their competitors outranking them in this regard. Moreover, their standard shared offshore hosting services cannot host pictures or videos – you will have to get VPS servers for those.

Support 4/5: Fortunately, our tests found BlueAngelHost’s 24/7 customer support services to be highly dependable. They have the standard live chat, ticket, and email options. The agents were responsive, well-informed, and resolved our queries quickly and satisfactorily. Unfortunately, they do lack a dedicated phone support network, and that can pose challenges.

User Friendliness 4.5/5: BlueAngelHost prioritizes its customers’ safety above anything else. They offer customers the choice to get Whois for added protection on top of Domain Lock to ensure nobody else hacks and takes control of your domain. Moreover, the UI/UX admin control panel is very accessible and intuitive.

Pricing 4/5: BlueAngelHost is a comparatively pricey option. Its standard offshore hosting services are quite expensive, though its VPS offshore hosting is relatively accessible:

  • SSD-v1: $9.99/month
  • SSD-v2: $23.99/month
  • SSD-v3: $44.99/month
  • SSD-v4: $59.99/month

Reliability 5/5: Our test revealed that BlueAngelHost fell short of their 100 percent uptime guarantee for offshore hosting. It was actually 99.99 percent – very high for a DMCA ignored hosting provider. Moreover, their average uptime of 1.2 seconds was also relatively fast. On top of this, they are committed to protecting their customers’ identity and data – as illustrated by their DDoS protections. In fact, to enhance protection, they do not allow pictures or videos on shared hosting servers since they could introduce phishing and spam on other clients’ websites.

Pros Of BlueAngelHost

  • DDoS Attack Protections
  • Great Uptime and Load Time
  • Excellent Customer Support

Cons Of BlueAngelHost

  • High Prices
  • No Pictures/Videos On Shared Servers
  • No Phone Call Option

Final: Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers In 2022

If you want to make zero compromises on your data security or your own personal identity, then BlueAngelHost might be well worth the price.


Visit Blueangel.host

Ranking comparison between the Top Providers



User Friendly



Overall Rating

Best DMCA Ignored Services: Final Recommendations

Finding a good DMCA ignored web host is difficult, with many suffering from slow speeds and poor cyber-security. You should select a provider based on whether they can fulfill your exact needs or not. For instance, if you are a rapidly growing adult streaming service, get an offshore web host that enables fast and affordable scalability.

UltaHost ranked at the top of this list thanks to its excellent customer support, reliability, and feature-to-price ratio. But whereas they are the best overall brand, it does not mean they are suited for your brand’s specific requirements. Consider reading some of our detailed reports on each provider to determine whose features and services would complement your offshore website’s needs.

How Do We Rank And How Should You Choose Your DMCA Ignored Provider?

  • User Friendliness30%
  • Reliability30%
  • Features15%
  • Support15%
  • Pricing10%
  • User Friendliness (30%) – This category, we assessed how easy-to-use and accessible the web hosting platform is for customers – new and seasoned experts alike. We determined this based on our own tests and a qualitative analysis of customer testimonials.
  • Reliability (30%) – We tried each host’s services during an equal time period. We calculated their average load times and uptimes. During this test, we were also mindful to examine how secure customers’ anonymity and data is. Of course, testimonials were also integrated into this calculation.
  • Features (15%) – We calculated how many features each provider had for each package and then compared them to one another. Those that offered the highest number of features per dollar got a higher score.
  • Support (15%) – Effective communication with DMCA ignored hosting providers can be difficult. We attempted to get in touch with host candidates via all available mediums, assessing how informed, professional, and responsive their customer support is. We also included other customers’ experiences in our calculations.
  • Pricing (10%) – We calculated this via a price-to-feature ratio. Even if a host was relatively expensive but offered more features to a dollar, they received a higher score.

At this point, you need to make a critical decision. You cannot afford to have your entire website and accompanying hard work taken down by a DMCA notification. So choose a web host wisely.

How to Choose:

Look for a brand that fulfills your personal needs. If you want to host an adult website, you should look for a brand that hosts other adult platforms and will not comply with a DMCA notification. You would need someone who is affordable and allows you to rapidly scale your storage needs as your company grows.

Similarly, if you want to operate a political website but wish to remain anonymous, then you should consider a provider that will guarantee your anonymity while simultaneously being reliable. After all, political websites face sudden surges in traffic based on the news cycle, and your website must be able to cope with that. Check out our detailed report on each provider to determine which host is ideal for you.

  • Price – Get a provider that is within your budget but does not compromise on key features.
  • Data-Security – It is crucial your website, and its data is secure and safe from hacking and spam. Many DMCA hosting providers host shadowy websites, and your website needs to be safe from them.
  • Average Uptime – The provider’s uptime should be as close to 100 percent as possible. Many DMCA ignored providers’ are very unreliable in this case.
  • Load Time – DMCA ignored hosting providers tend to have very slow load times. Look for a provider that is fast and consistent.
  • Privacy – The primary reason why people consider DMCA ignored hosting providers is that they will shroud their identity. So make sure your provider guarantees your privacy.

Currently Top 3 DMCA ignored hosting Companies


What Is DMCA Ignored Hosting, And Who Is It For?

DMCA ignored hosting providers will host websites that are liable to receive DMCA notifications for takedowns due to local jurisdictions’ laws. By hosting the website offshore, the provider can ignore the notification and keep the website up. Therefore, if you want to exercise your free speech in a country that might stifle it, then hosting offshore is the best and safest option for you.

Do DMCA Ignored Providers Have Money Back Guarantees?

Whereas not all offshore web hosts have a refund policy, all of the brands mentioned on this list do. Each of these ten providers has a generous money-back guarantee.

Where Should An Offshore Server Be Located?

You should host your website in a location where implementing DMCA takedowns is difficult. India, Russia, Bulgaria, and Malaysia are popular because providers based here tend to ignore takedown notifications. You should also research whether your server locations’ local laws would not interfere with your web operations.

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