Which Type of Website Can Be Built Using WordPress? 20 Ideas

20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

Hiring developers to build your website is great but can burn a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, you can turn to WordPress to avoid denting your budget. This user-friendly builder enables you to craft all sorts of pages, including eCommerce, business, and portfolio websites.

You can build many other types of WordPress websites, which this article will also include. We’ll also explain the difference between the two WordPress types.

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  • WordPress is a free website builder.
  • There are two WordPress Types - WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • You need to obtain hosting before creating a website.
  • You can craft over 20 types of pages with WordPress.

Getting Started With WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform for creating websites. It’s an umbrella term for two WordPress types: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. People tend to conflate the two, but they’re not the same. The presence of .org and .com means they have different functions.

On the one hand, you can use WordPress.org as a gateway for building websites. It’s a reliable platform that allows you to host websites personally. Many people also consider it a type of self-hosting because it enables you to select your own hosting service and domain name.

On the other hand, WordPress.com is a platform that lets you set up free websites. It comes with an integrated hosting server that controls every detail on your pages. You can also unlock payment plans if you want to enhance the look of your creations with domain names, custom designs, and storage facilities.

Check out our detailed comparison of WordPress.org and WordPress.com to discover more about the differences between the two platforms.

Another critical detail about WordPress is that you must first obtain WordPress hosting before setting up your website. It provides a ton of benefits for your page, such as boosting the overall customer experience and simplifying your content management system (CMS) installation. Additionally, you gain access to optimized plugin management, automatic updates, one-click add-ons, and a robust preconfigured environment.

What Kind of Website Can You Build With WordPress?

You can build numerous types of WordPress websites.

Business Website

WordPress is a great way to create business websites. The platform is optimized for this purpose, so it’s no wonder Sony Music, PlayStation Blog, and other household names use it to serve their audiences.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

Business owners prefer WordPress due to its flexibility and convenience. The wide range of plugins allows you to include virtually any social media integration. Plus, they let you optimize the page for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, monitor marketing data, and incorporate many other features.

Furthermore, the tool enables you to streamline the design of your website with numerous themes. You can implement each without hiring web designers.

Expert Tip: Always put the navigation menu on top when setting up business websites. Also, consider adding a welcome message to your homepage and a call-to-action or CTA button.

Blogging or Personal Websites

WordPress was initially a blogging tool, but it eventually became a cutting-edge CMS. Nevertheless, the blogging components haven’t perished over the years.

On the contrary, the administrators have made them more powerful, sophisticated, and polished. It’s still the best blogging builder, whether you want to use a large or small publication.

The flexibility of WordPress enables you to set up a high-quality personal or multi-author blog website. It lets you build pages chock-full of content you can easily adapt to business needs.

Portfolio Websites

Many people like to showcase their work by creating a website. If you’re one of them, WordPress might be your best solution.

You can develop a WordPress portfolio page with gorgeous images and sliders to ensure visitors don’t miss your work. Properly crafted, your website will tell everyone who you are and what you do. This lets you establish a powerful presence while highlighting your achievements or skills in an appealing way.

Your WordPress website doesn’t need to resemble a resume, but you want to keep the interface as simple as possible. If you’re not eccentric or artistic, avoid experimenting with unnecessary fonts and features on your page. The elements should complement each other and not distract the viewers. It’s the only way to make an impact.

eCommerce Websites

WordPress is widely regarded as the ultimate platform for creating eCommerce websites. It’s compatible with a large number of convenient plugins, such as Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. These can make your WordPress website into a fully functional eCommerce page with just a few clicks.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

When crafting your eCommerce solution, be sure it allows visitors to find their products easily. Also, there should be a shopping cart and a transparent payment process. Finally, test your website before going live to check for data leaks.

News Websites

WordPress works wonders for owners of news websites. If you’re considering building one, WordPress can give you an edge over your competitors.

The platform’s popularity has triggered the creation of several techniques and tools to make CMS-based websites SEO-friendly. This is critical for news pages because it can instantly put you ahead of the competition in search results.

There are a host of features to streamline the functionality of your news website. For instance, you can include images, text, and comment sections. Extra plugins enable you to monetize your platform and provide premium content to your paid subscribers.

Government Websites

Creating a WordPress government website is a good idea for many reasons. Primarily, the customizable features let you seamlessly convey official statements and other messages. You also get to display data in a straightforward yet effective way, guaranteeing a terrific experience for you and your visitors.

On top of that, WordPress allows you to display various pages, from events to news. Some extensions even incorporate multi-language compatibility, which is ideal for nations with multiple official languages.

Sweden’s official page is one of the best examples of a WordPress government website. They used an intuitive layout with image tiles and modern fonts to represent their forward-thinking outlook.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

Expert Tip: Like other types of WordPress websites, government websites require appropriate themes. The best options include theGov, TownPress, and eGovenz.

Knowledge-Based Websites

Are you looking to create a website with documentation and wiki-based articles? WordPress may be the perfect option.

It comes with many assets to transform any web page into a knowledge-based wiki website. You can use several methods to set up this type of website with WordPress:

  • Implementing dedicated WordPress wiki themes
  • Applying appropriate plugins to expand the knowledge base
  • Using custom-made code snippets

Multilingual Websites

You can install WordPress in countless languages, but you can also craft your multilingual website with the platform. This type offers content or products/services for visitors in various languages.

It’s an excellent choice if you wish to take your business presence to different territories. Just make sure your home page contains the official language of the targeted region.

Apart from the audience’s language, it would help if you also understood their cultural preferences. Consider the tone and tradition to help form a strong relationship with the people.

Customer Review Websites

People enjoy expressing their opinions on the internet. They’re even more eager to learn others’ thoughts, especially before buying products or services for the first time. This has contributed to the skyrocketing popularity of customer review websites.

WordPress provides ample management features to organize your review content according to your visitors’ needs. There are thousands of themes to choose from to help you craft a one-of-a-kind look.

Plugins are also beneficial. For example, you can utilize Schema Pro to create a stunning user testimonial website. It lets you refine your review process, rating systems, and interaction.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

Podcasting Websites

Podcasting websites are a phenomenal concept. Like-minded people gather around a microphone to discuss fascinating topics. They record their talks and publish them online, allowing other users to hear their takes on some issues. The activity used to be reserved for regular people, but more and more celebrities are taking it up too.

If you want to attract people to your podcasting website, rely on WordPress. The PowerPress Podcasting plugin enables you to advertise podcasts through corresponding pages and manage your podcast. Moreover, you can publish episodes to streaming platforms, embed video and audio players, and create channels. You can even operate multiple streams from a single website.

Restaurant Websites

WordPress is ideal for restaurant owners who want to make their presence known online. Once you choose an attractive theme that grabs your visitors’ attention, you can use various add-ons with different functionalities for your organization.

For example, MotoPress WP Restaurant and some other plugins let you publish menus and maintain a fully responsive food ordering feature. Likewise, the Five Star Restaurant Reservations add-on enables you to incorporate other handy features, like an online booking system built into your web page.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

Forum Websites

WordPress is so easy to use, so anyone can master it and create a phenomenal website. One of the simplest platforms to develop with WordPress is a forum community. It could be dedicated to anything, such as books, movies, and TV shows.

After building your platform, you can utilize a slew of plugins and extensions to boost your user experience. There’s also a registration plugin to help deter trolls. Plus, you can turn a part of your website into a knowledge base. Alternatively, set up social networking websites using BuddyPress or PeepSo.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

WordPress Support Forums are among the most popular forum websites. The layout is easy to navigate and attracts thousands of visitors every month.

Expert Tip: If you don’t want to make your forum publicly available, set up a private one. The bbPress plugin lets you do so.

Question and Answer (Q&A) Websites

The internet is often used to share experiences and information, where other people can check them out to learn new things. You can be an integral part of this data exchange by developing a Q&A WordPress website.

WordPress doesn’t include this functionality by default, but AnsPress and some other plugins do the work on your behalf. The Q&A feature can be the core of your web page or just a tiny section. The choice is up to you.

The AnsPress plugin offers additional features, like reCAPTCHA, voting systems, push notifications, and multiple languages.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

Event Websites

There are many types of WordPress websites, and event pages are growing in popularity. You can easily plan and manage events with WordPress. There’s a wide selection of plugins that ensure premium functionality.

For instance, you can add Google Maps widgets and show the location of your events. In addition, you can set up a calendar or integrate your page with WooCommerce to sell tickets through your online store.

Musician Websites

If you’re a budding musician, you need to leverage self-marketing. WordPress provides robust features for building a website that highlights your creative side.

The platform integrates video, images, audio, forums, and blog content to help propel your career. All of which allow you to showcase your talent.

Many well-known artists use WordPress to build their websites, including Katy Perry. Her team has developed an easy-to-use page that expresses her one-of-a-kind personality.

Another superstar who makes the most of this platform is Justin Bieber. He uses it to promote music, merchandise, and tours.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

Job Directory Websites

Job board websites are another type of page you can create with WordPress. You need only integrate appropriate plugins.

WP Job Manager might be the best example. It helps you build intuitive interfaces, enabling you to post your job listings. People can browse your listings and use filters to find jobs more efficiently.

You can also consider monetizing your website by incorporating WooCommerce. It allows you to create internal payment systems to make money while helping people launch their careers.

Most job directories display the following elements:

  • Job lists
  • Search index
  • Company reviews
  • Average salaries
  • Experience blogs

Glassdoor is a renowned job site created on WordPress. The administrators rely on the platform to guide visitors through their recruitment process. It even has a section that lets employees review and rate former employers.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

Learning Management System (LMS) Websites

A considerable number of people started learning on the internet due to the global pandemic and familiarized themselves with LMS websites like Moodle. Investing resources and time into creating a platform from scratch is unaffordable to many.

WordPress is a less expensive alternative.

Tutor LMS and many other plugins can transform your WordPress page into a fully functional LMS. The plugin accommodates organizations and individual tutors.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

With this site type, teachers can easily develop and manage modules. They can also keep track of student enrollment and interactions on their platform.

Students can gain from a WordPress LMS platform, too. They can access materials using an intuitive dashboard and receive certificates for completing courses.

Charity Websites

WordPress lets you craft sites to inform people about your charity. It also allows you to present plans and explain how you spend your donations. The platform helps you create inspiring and engaging content using videos and images.

One of the most popular WordPress charity websites is Citizen Schools. Their site aims to help the youth succeed by providing useful information and resources. It’s perfect for many groups, including students, parents, and teachers.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

Amazon-Affiliate Websites

A WordPress Amazon-affiliate website enables you to sell products through Amazon and make some money with each sale. It’s one of the simplest ways to start your online business.

Once you become a store owner, WordPress helps you attract traffic with affiliate links. The more users who click on your links and purchase products, the more commission you’ll earn from Amazon.

The best way to kick-start your venture is to incorporate WooCommerce. It’s the most trusted plugin and has all the necessary features to give you a competitive edge.

Real Estate Websites

Realtors can show off their portfolio and services with a high-quality WordPress website. There are several themes and plugins to help you build your page. WP Real Estate Pro is the go-to solution for most people.

Final: 20 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

It’s compatible with all themes and has advanced search capabilities to help your visitors find properties faster. There’s also a Google Maps integration to let you display your listings visually. Finally, the loading times are low due to its optimized code.

WordPress Websites: Important Facts to Know

WordPress has its own pros and cons.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Wide range of themes
  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Easy updates from any device
  • Convenient syndication and backlinking
  • Supports eCommerce through plugins
  • High security


  • Customization with themes can be expensive
  • Frequent plugin installations may compromise device compatibility


There are nearly no limitations to the types of WordPress websites you can craft with this platform. Whether you need real estate or online shopping websites, the builder won’t let you down. Just make sure to select the right theme and plugin. If all the elements complement each other, you shouldn’t have trouble attracting visitors.

Next Steps: What Now?

  • Install WordPress and ensure your hosting service is active.
  • Don’t forget to add a contact form when you set up a web page. It lets your audience get in touch with you.
  • Integrate WordPress SEO.
  • Monitor your traffic with Google Analytics.

Further Reading – Useful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find the Best Plugin for My WordPress Website?

Your needs are the main factor you need to consider when looking for a WordPress plugin. Determine the features your page is missing and whether adding a particular plugin would streamline the user experience. Once you determine the type of add-on you need, go to the plugin repository. The plugins with the most positive reviews and downloads are the safest options.

Is WordPress Free?

WordPress is a free web-building platform, but this doesn’t mean you can create a site for free. You’ll need to purchase your web hosting plan. You can find inexpensive plans for just $1 a month if you don’t mind shared hosting, but these are often low-quality solutions. Instead, consider managed WordPress hosting to improve website setup and maintenance.

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Is WordPress the Best Website Builder?

WordPress is exceedingly popular and highly versatile, but it’s not the only website builder on the market. There are countless other website creators, such as Wix and Squarespace. The right software depends on your needs and target audience.

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What Programming Languages Does WordPress Use?

WordPress uses four programming languages: CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML.

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