Don't let Google control your domain!

Why you should be really worried about Google entering the domain business

Google is intent on making itself even more attractive and indispensable than it already is. That sentence alone seems a sweeping, wild statement, considering how much reach Google has in terms of business saturation, but Google uses its powers, money and influence to take apart any competitors that may stand in its way..  Google will be nice to you, don't worry godaddy and friends...

As an example, Google Maps inflicted serious damage to Mapquest not that long ago, and Google AdWords has given the Yellowpages industry a serious cause for leaving their keys on the table…

What is in it for Google, or is Google too afraid that advertisers will try facebook?

Google is out to hold your domain by the use of Adwords, namely its online advertising platform that is used to boost website traffic and sales.  It is now Google’s main source of revenue.

They are, however, unlikely to give new domain owners coupons for the likes of Facebook, Yahoo or Bing in addition to Google AdWords, because their aim is to prevent alternative advertising solutions.  This is where domain registrars come into play, as Facebook, Yahoo and Bing coupons are offered as an incentive to lure in customers.

 A relevant source within Google confirmed us that there is a double digit (10-99%) contribution from domain registrators and similar partners to new AdWords acquisition. They don’t want this potential chunk of advertisers going to facebook.

In addition, Google boasts the largest ad network – AdSense.  This provides a free flexible way to earn money from your websites, mobile sites and site search results, with relevant advertising. Today, they ban millions of sites from their network, tomorrow they can add to the list (having gained information on domain holders) other “related” domains not violating their policy at all.

How will Google push a side competition

Since a domain is a commodity, the player to hold market share is the player that has the lowest cost to advertise where users are searching for a domain… guess where that is…

Yep you guessed it… Google’s search engine. This search engine has global dominance over users who are searching for a domain name.  Google are straight on the scene to take the first ad placements which are, of course, free for the company, but not for the likes of big domain players such as Godaddy and others.

At present, they may refer them to Wix or SquareSpace, but this will not last. Eventually they will decide that their own solutions (Google sites, Google Plus pages) are a far better and a much more lucrative alternative.  This would spell catastrophe for website builders.

Why would google want us to buy a domain from them? Like all domain registrars, they want us to host our site with them. And why would they want that? It’s a simple case that a user can use FireFox or Safari, a user can search via Bing, but when that user arrives at a site hosted by google…. There is nowhere else to hide.

Stop google from taking every bit of privacy in our life, and crashing the domain/hosting industry! Share this post now.

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