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The Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Providers of 2023


Top 5 Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

  • 1
    Kamatera review Incl. 140 user reviews
    Purpose-Built, High-End VPS Data Centers Across 4 Continents
    Fastest Cloud VPS With Guaranteed Dedicated Resources
    Scalability And Ease Of Use
    • Space 20 GB – 4 TB
    • RAM 1 GB – 384 GB
    CA$5.41 / mo
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  • 2
    Contabo review Incl. 684 user reviews
    Numerous DevOps Features via which you can manage Cloud Infrastructure straight from code, Integrate Deployment Pipelines, and more
    Award-Winning Customer Support that offers Premium Services and is available all year round
    Global availability for all users - 6 Regions and 9 Locations
    • Space 1.6 GB – 4.7 TB
    • RAM 4 GB – 256 GB
    CA$5.40 / mo
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  • 3
    Hostinger review Incl. 2425 user reviews
    Highly Affordable Plans With A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Extremely User-Friendly Hostinger Panel, A Free Domain, Lifetime SSL & DDoS Protection
    Powerful Developer Tools, Custom-Built WP Optimization Stack & Litespeed Cache
    • Space 20 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 16 GB
    CA$2.69 / mo
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  • 4
    Apex Hosting review Incl. 3 user reviews
    Java & Bedrock Edition Servers With Full FTP & MySQL Database Access
    All Mod & Plugin Support With Over 200 1-Click-Modpack Installers
    24/7 Servers With Premium Hardware & Low Latency
    • Space 1 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 15 GB
    CA$6.08 / mo
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  • 5
    TheMinecraftHosting review Incl. 64 user reviews
    Minecraft Hosting With Unlimited Storage & Dedicated RAM At Amazing Prices
    Data Centers With Innovative Network Technology For Low Latency & No Lag
    The Best Type Of DDoS Protection, Full SSL Encryption & Extra Server Security
    • Space Unlimited
    • RAM 0 B
    CA$1.35 / mo
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  • 6
    SiteGround review Incl. 2447 user reviews
    Recommended by WordPress.org as the go-to WordPress Hosting provider
    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    High-Performance Hosting platform powered by Google Cloud and a powerful Caching Technology
    • Space 10 GB – 1.88 TB
    • RAM 8 GB – 64 GB
    CA$5.88 / mo
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  • 7
    SmarterASP.NET review Incl. 2141 user reviews
    Unlimited Space, Bandwidth, & Email, Instant Activations, and Free Temporary URL
    60-Day Free Trial - No Credit Card Required
    Data centers in both the US and Europe with Free Activation
    • Space Unlimited
    • RAM 2 GB – 32 GB
    CA$3.99 / mo
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  • 8
    LWS review Incl. 1841 user reviews
    Pre-Installed and Ready to Use VPS Servers With Root SSH Access and Optional VPN Activation
    100% Secure Data Centers In France With Minimum 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
    Free Domain Name, The Latest PHP and MySQL Versions, Anti-DDoS, Control Panels, 24/7 Supervision, GTI, and Possible Outsourcin
    • Space 40 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 2 GB – 12 GB
    CA$2.59 / mo
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  • 9
    A2 Hosting review Incl. 1846 user reviews
    Turbo Servers with up to 20x faster Page Loads
    Award-Winning and Ultra-Reliable Web Hosting solutions that offer blazing fast performance
    Guru Crew Support, Free Account Migration, A2 Site Builder, and a point-and-click CMS installer
    • Space 100.04 MB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 128 GB
    CA$4.05 / mo
    1 Coupons
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  • 10
    o2switch review Incl. 1614 user reviews
    A Web Hosting Solution that meets many website needs and is backed with Innovative Technologies & Unfailing Assistance
    One, all-inclusive Web Hosting offer suitable for hosting multiple sites in 100% isolated spaces
    Up to 20x faster site performance thanks to fast-paced NVMe technology, Varnish, & LSCache caches
    • Space Unlimited
    • RAM 0 B
    CA$7.37 / mo
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The Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Providers of 2023

The demand for Minecraft server hosting has skyrocketed recently as the game has grown in popularity. Hosting games can be complex because they require more resources than standard web apps. Fortunately, Minecraft isn’t a giant resource hog, so you can run it on web servers with relatively low requirements.

Most server hosting plans are expensive, costing as much as $300 – $500, and not many people can afford to spend that much on their server. Fortunately, you can get a good web hosting service at affordable prices.

Before you choose a hosting provider, evaluate your needs and decide which server works best to meet them. Also, check out important aspects like speed, pricing, features, security, and authenticity.

We know that making the wrong decision will cost you dearly, which is why we have analyzed many hosting services. Based on our findings, we recommend these 10 best cheap Minecraft server hosting providers.

Key Points To Consider When Choosing a Hosting Provider

Our reviews are independently conducted with the data obtained from dozens of user reviews and surveys. We tested thousands of Minecraft server hosting brands and came up with the following 5-star rating system:

Pricing: Various hosting providers have different prices for their hosting plans. A high price does not necessarily mean the hosting provider can deliver. This article will guide you on how to get a decent hosting service on a budget. We evaluated the fees in the contract of each service provider, including for add-ons.

Support: Our experts examined these brands for the kind of customer service they render and how fast their representatives respond, including their uptime guarantee percentage and compensation packages.

Performance: One key factor to consider is how fast your server can load. A slow server will affect the smooth running of your game and mar the user experience.

User-friendliness: We used the free trial plans to check whether their services are user-friendly. If you get into any hiccups, can you call customer support fast? Will they offer full support to you when you need it, and if you run a dedicated server, will you get control panel support, or should you handle it yourself?

Features: Details about their storage plan, automatic backup, storage capacity, CPU performance, server uptime, and access to the control panel will help to determine a hosting provider’s fit for you.

The Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Providers of 2023 (Bought and Tested)

Hostinger Reviews Incl. 2425 user reviews
CA$2.69 /mo
20 hosting plans
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Free domain
Moneyback 30 Days
  • Overall score – 5
  • Features – 5
  • Support – 5
  • User Friendly – 5
  • Pricing – 5
  • Reliability – 5

Overall score – 5: Hostinger is the overall best cheap Minecraft server hosting based on its server coverage, support, features, and pricing. Their game servers are located across the globe, allowing you to choose the one closest to you to ensure low latency for your players. The closer the distance, the smoother the gaming experience. All their plans come with everything you need, ranging from full support and automatic backup to a 99.9% uptime rate.

Features – 5: Some key features of Hostinger are fast SSD and high-speed CPU, multiple server types, automated backup, customizable mod packs and plugins, dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to protect your server against attacks, the ability to switch server location, advanced control panel, access to a virtual server.

Support – 5: This cheap Minecraft hosting offers customers 24/7 support via its automated system and a knowledge-based FAQ containing almost every question you might want to ask the support team. They also provide a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the installation process.

User Friendly – 5: It takes only a few minutes to set up your server with Hostinger. Simply pick the plan of your choice and follow the easy prompts, and if you run into any issues with your process, the support team is always available 24/7.

Pricing – 5: If you are new to Minecraft server hosting and have a low budget, you can start with the Alex Plan. It already comes with everything you need. With only $6.95/mo, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount if you go for a 3-year term. The accepted payment methods are Paypal, Google Pay, Alipay, and Coingate. In addition, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee after checkout.

Reliability – 5: With an impressive 99.99% SLA uptime, Hostinger is one of the most reliable cheap Minecraft server hosting providers. Furthermore, with their data centers in America, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Singapore, you can rest assured of continuously running services throughout the year, irrespective of location.

Additional parameter – Data Saver: The ability to help customers retrieve lost data without a manual backup distinguishes Hostinger. Their automated backup system will ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to navigate and install
  • Guaranteed 99.99% SLA uptime
  • Superfast
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Easy-to-use interface with helpful tutorials


  • Phone supports not available
  • Supports page is not easy to locate

Final: Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting | Hostadvice

Hostinger is known for its automated backup system that ensures the safety of websites’ data. Check our full review here to learn more about Hostinger.


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Apex Hosting Reviews Incl. 3 user reviews
CA$6.08 /mo
15 hosting plans
Visit Apex Hosting
Free domain
Moneyback Anytime
Apex Hosting
Apex Hosting
  • Overall score – 4.6
  • Features – 4.5
  • Support – 5
  • User-friendly – 4.5
  • Pricing – 4.5
  • Reliability – 4.5

Overall score- 4.6: If you have thought about having a Minecraft server to help you store your favorite games, you can trust Apex Hosting with that assignment. They have a range of flexible and affordable subscription plans.

Features – 4.5: Apex Hosting allows you to do a variety of things with your Minecraft server, such as choosing your domain name with apex area code, multicraft tool features for user interface managing, great databases, a wide variety of storage from 1 GB to 4 GB, and protection from DDoS attacks.

Support  5: What could be more rewarding than having a sound support system to walk you through any hassle you find yourself in? Apex Hosting understands its customers and is always available 24/7 to help with any issues or complaints so that you can continue your game as soon as possible.

User-friendly  4.5: You can easily regulate how your game goes in Apex Hosting’s custom web from your android device or PC. They have well-detailed videos and written manuals to give you the best user experience.

Pricing  4.5: There is no fixed pricing for Apex Hosting. The total RAM will determine the price your server will use. Because there are no fixed subscription plans, many web owners might need help understanding how to estimate how much they should pay. If you are new to Apex, that is not a problem, as an instruction manual helps you pick a pricing package that suits you. You can also enjoy a 5% discount if you opt for a 3-month plan and 10% if you subscribe for an entire year.

Reliability  4.5: With its terrific speed, the uptime of Apex is unmatched among other competitors. They are highly reliable to deliver in no time. Apex Hosting knows that the attention span of humans is short; hence, they employ highly advanced tools to help them achieve high speed.

Additional Parameters  Unlimited Server Types: Whatever Apex Hosting supports for the server type you want, Java Edition has many desirable options, as does Bedrock. The versions are adjustable to your preferred choice. You can also opt to customize your server plugins. Additionally, you can create your minigames with Apex Hosting and decide the mod you want to install or select from the ones available.

Pros & Cons


  • Provides MySQL Databases
  • Constant uptime
  • Easy to set up
  • Variety of server locations
  • You can choose a personal subdomain
  • Site Backups
  • Access to FTP
  • Free to select mods to install
  • Supports small communities


  • Quite Expensive
  • Advanced features are absent
  • Only available in limited languages
  • It does not support a dedicated server

Final: Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting | Hostadvice

ApexHosting logoIts uptime speed is so incredible that we could not help but put Apex Hosting out on recommendation. Each day, it keeps improving in functioning, taking over the Minecraft hosting space. To take part in the goodies they offer, check them out today.


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TheMinecraftHosting Reviews Incl. 64 user reviews
CA$1.35 /mo
1 hosting plans
Visit TheMinecraftHosting
Moneyback 1 Day
  • Overall score – 4.7
  • Features – 4
  • Support – 5
  • User Friendly – 5
  • Pricing – 4.7
  • Reliability – 4.9

Overall score – 4.7: The Minecraft Hosting has been around since 2005, offering server solutions to Minecraft gamers. They are one of the very few hosts with two separate editions for PC and mobile device users. Their servers are located in Dallas, U.S., and France to aid European users and their environs.

Features – 4: Top features of The Minecraft Hosting are the 99.99% SLA uptime, Dedicated RAM, Unlimited SSD storage, and DDos data protection. Other great features are a 48 GB Minecraft Server, Unlimited Slots, 10 Gbps Connection, Unmetered Bandwidth, Live Chat Support, Plugins, Mods and Custom JAR Support, and Multicraft Control Panel.

Support – 5: This Minecraft Server host offers online customer assistant support; however, you’ll have to dig deep to locate the customer care section. But be assured you’ll get help in under 30 minutes, and they work 24/7 to give you quality service. You can also explore the FAQ section to find an answer to your questions.

User Friendly – 5: Once your payment is made, you will receive a quick follow-up message guiding you on the next steps. The Minecrafting Hosting also offers free installation guides to help you have a successful server setup.

Pricing – 4.7: With over 13 different plans ranging from $1/mo to $95/mo, they have the most flexible pricing offers for any user. The cheapest plan (Child Plan) gives you unlimited slots, unmetered bandwidth, plugin support, and a control panel.

Reliability – 4.9: Every Minecraft host claims they have 99.99% uptime and no downtime, but The Minecraft Hosting truly has one of the most stable uptimes. With servers in the U.S. and France and a plan to have another in Asia, they can maintain their servers efficiently, thereby giving their customers the best experience.

Additional parameter – Actively monitoring server performance: The Minecraft Hosting uses Intel Xeon CPUs with ECC RAM and SSD storage in each server. These allow for fast loading and quick response times, preventing dragging and complications with their servers.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast refund policy
  • Good Performance
  • DDoS protection is included in all plans.
  • Flexible pricing for small server
  • Flexible payment durations
  • Global servers
  • Unlimited Games


  • A single method of payment (PayPal)
  • A large server can get a bit expensive
  • Support is a bit hard to reach
  • Website sitemap is difficult to navigate
  • Poor support documentations
  • Limited coverage area

Final: Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting | Hostadvice

Even with only two servers in the U.S. and France, they still manage to provide outstanding services to their clients and maintain a good rating throughout the year.



Visit TheMinecraftHosting

Ranking comparison between the Top Providers



User Friendly



Overall Rating

Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Providers: Final Recommendations

In this article, we have outlined the basic guidelines that you must follow to choose the best cheap Minecraft hosting server provider. Most of these providers offer dedicated hosting, while others offer shared hosting plans. They guarantee impressive speeds, large storage, full backups, technical support, high uptime, and a cheap hosting fee.

Our top pick is Hostinger. We recommend this hosting provider because it is swift, secure, and has great features. One of the remarkable things about Hostinger is their excellent customer service; no other company beats them to it. Also, their TCAdmin is reliable and works awesomely.

How Do We Rank, and How Should You Choose Your Web Hosting Services?

Scanning the market to find a reliable hosting brand can be a lot of work because you have a lot of brands to check out; it requires time and energy, so we have decided to take the stress off you by doing the research,

We did our research based on various parameters such as performance, customer support, pricing, and reliability, and other factors we will be looking at below:

  • Bandwidth and storage: You should use a Minecraft hosting provider with enough storage for your site needs, and the bandwidth should be broad enough to allow unlimited data exchange.
  • Customer support: Any company that is ready for business takes customer services seriously, it shows they have their customers at heart, and you should, too, read other people’s reviews online to see if the company is always ready to take client’s complaints and questions
  • Ease of use: Make sure the Server provider you want to use is easy to navigate; their user interface should be simple for users, whether a newbie or tech expert.
  • Features: Amazing features mean you’ll get lots of value; what should you look for? RAM, Secure hosting, and ads- on charge; you might also be interested if they offer a free domain name as one of their packages.
  • Money-back guarantees: Check the overview of the company to see their money-back guarantee plan. Some have 30 days, and others offer a 3-day money-back guarantee.
  • Performance and reliability: We strongly advise users to find a reliable company to handle their Minecraft hosting. If a company is proven unreliable, don’t patronize them; you would want to avoid unnecessary downtime on your server.
  • Scaling potential: You need an excellent Minecraft hosting provider that would help your server perform at an optimum level over time, so opt for a company that is constantly upgrading and updating its server with the latest technology.
  • Speed: Speed is essential. To reduce the rate at which users leave your server, you need a super-fast working server that loads in seconds.
  • Starting price: At HostAdvice, we don’t put price first, but the quality of the service being rendered. After all other conditions are met, you can check the starting price and make sure you are satisfied with it.
  • Types of hosting offered: Minecraft Server hosting can be dedicated or shared hosting, Unmanaged and semi-managed. Your choice depends on your skill level, available time, and willingness to manage some or all aspects of your server.
  • User reviews: We review users’ experiences worldwide to get a complete perspective on hosting providers before we add them to our list of recommendations.
  • Other factors: We rate providers based on brand reputation, awards, and establishment date.

What is cheap Minecraft server hosting, and who is it for?

The idea behind cheap Minecraft server hosting is to help individuals or organizations choose the best and most affordable service provider to host their games.

Significant features need to be added to the standard Minecraft server. For example, online games require more resources, especially multiplayer games. A Minecraft server provider must be able to provide all these, including a consistent set of DDoS protection, which is vital for an enjoyable and trouble-free gaming experience.

In addition to setup simplicity, the control panel allowed mods and server location should be considered when choosing a provider.

Things to Remember When Selecting Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting

Managed vs. Unmanaged Minecraft Server Hosting Plan

  • Managed Hosting Plan: A managed hosting plan means your server provider will do most of the work for you. All you have to do is inquire from them about the services they render. They must handle your site’s management and maintenance aspects, such as routine security checks, automated backups, and site updates.
  • Unmanaged Hosting Plan:  If you are willing to take charge of your server yourself, you should go for an unmanaged hosting plan. Although this plan is cheaper, it means you will be in control of all the managerial aspects of the job; you will handle the plugins, security, updates, and general maintenance of the site. The only job of your host website is to manage the server.


Almost all service providers provide discounts for longer subscription terms. Savings begin with a yearly contract and progress to a two- or three-year contract.

A one-year subscription is a long-term commitment that binds you to the provider. You’ll likely require Minecraft server hosting for several years, so an extended contract will be good.

Are you dissatisfied with the service? Request a refund. Review the refund policy of the service provider. Most providers do not offer refunds after 30 days.


Consider the vital features you need on your server and determine if your Minecraft server hosting provider can provide them. You should pay an extra fee to your host for additional features. Here are a few server resources to look out for:

  • CPU Cores: The number of cores in your server determines its power. You need as many cores as possible if you want your server to handle heavier tasks and run faster. You’ll need 4-8 cores to run serious and demanding games. However, the more cores you have, the higher your monthly fees.
  • RAM: RAM allocation determines the server’s efficiency and affects the loading speed of your website. Most providers provide 4 GB – 8 GB RAM on their entry-level plans, which is sufficient for most users. However, if your server hosts many users, you will require more RAM and slots.
  • Storage: A solid-state drive (SSD) is recommended over traditional HDD storage for a better loading experience.The greater your storage capacity, the better. For storage, we generally recommend 1 TB or more. However, most Minecraft servers provide unlimited storage, which should be sufficient for you.
  • Uptime: Any good hosting service will promise an uptime of 99.9 percent. Most of the best-shared hosts boast 99.9 percent uptime rates, so anything less could be unimpressive. You need a hosting provider that can guarantee a service with a 99.9% uptime because of the increased competition at this level of hosting.

Currently Top 3 Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Companies


What is a Minecraft server?

Minecraft servers are special game servers designed to house Minecraft multiplayer lobbies accessible via the Internet.

What is Minecraft server hosting?

A Minecraft game hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals or businesses to host their Minecraft games on the Internet.

How to choose the best Minecraft server hosting?

The best Minecraft server host should provide its users with Control Panel access, instant installation setup, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, unlimited player mods, good RAM, high CPU speed, automated backups, and fast SSDs at a low cost.

How much RAM is needed for a good Minecraft server?

Allocate at least 1 GB of RAM to the server. Additional physical RAM of at least 1 GB is recommended for use with Windows or a desktop-based Linux distribution to prevent sluggish desktop graphics.

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