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CA$6.04 / MO
Money Back: 14 Days
Free domain
"You get what you pay for."– Morgan Salyer
"Problematic sales mechanics"– Boaz Rossano - 2CENTS UX Design
"Used it for my photography"– Steph Scher

Expert Overview : Idan Cohen Idan Cohen: WixHosting is perhaps the best-known company when it comes to website builders. They built their brand around providing non-techie customers the ability to create beautiful and responsive sites. In addition to the website building software, you’ll also get fast and stable hosting for any type of web page you build. Read More

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CA$2.67 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain
"Best hosting and website builder!"– fadi kazak
"Hostinger webservice"– Feliz Khan
"Very satisfied!"– Robert Braun

Expert Overview : Bruno Mirchevski Bruno Mirchevski: Hostinger is a flexible hosting provider that supports over 29 million individuals and businesses across the globe. With its leading cloud-hosting technology, Hostinger offers a range of services to suit everyone’s needs, with prices to suit all budgets. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get unlimited bandwidth, host hundreds of sites, and add up to 100 emails.

One of the key features for Hostinger users is the user-friendly website builder. With a simple drag-and-drop design, website builders of all competencies can easily put together a site that looks great and delivers the exact experience you’re looking to offer. If you’re unsure on how to get started, the Hostinger site offers plenty of information on how to get the most out of its website builder. Read More

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CA$5.30 / MO
Money Back: 45 Days
Free domain
"Excellent Support"– Frank Matowitz
"Incredible fast, helpful support"– Andrei S
"Very professional"– Roberto A.

Expert Overview : Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan: That's very easy to start a website with ChemiCloud. You can purchase Weebly site builder on top of any of the hosting services they offer. So basically you will have a very friendly and robust website builder on top of a blazing fast hosting infrastructure - sounds like the success recipe. Of course, you’ll also Benefit from the Following Features:
24/7 Support
Free Daily Backups
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Read More

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CA$7.90 / MO
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Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: o2switch offers 1 Website Builder Services plan: Offre unique. Their servers are placed in France. Read More

Server Locations France
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CA$4.01 / MO
Money Back: Anytime

Expert Overview :
Aviran Zazon Aviran Zazon: Whether you’re new to the world of web hosting or looking to migrate to a better provider, look no further than A2 Hosting. As one of the leading and longstanding hosting providers, A2 Hosting has a reputation for consistent and high-quality options that are reliable as well as affordable. With great prices and 24/7 support on shared, reseller, dedicated server, and VPS hosting, A2 is the award-winning provider of choice for thousands of businesses and individuals across America.

A2 is committed to delivering hosting that’s 20x faster than you’ll find with other providers. With 99.99% uptime guaranteed, free automatic backups, unlimited SSD space/transfer, and a chance to get your money back at any time if your experience doesn’t shape up the way you want it to. Read More

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CA$0.01 / MO
Money Back: 14 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: ProHoster offers 1 Website Builder Services plan: FREE. Their servers are placed in next locations: Kharkiv, Amsterdam, Moscow, New York, Tallinn, Siauliai, Sofia, Prague, Gdansk, Geneva, Miami Beach, Singapore. Read More

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CA$0.00 / MO
(Severe Limitations)
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: Hostpoco offers 1 Website Builder Services plan: Free Site Builder. Their servers are placed in next locations: Quebec, Roubaix, Oregon, Strasbourg, Frankfurt am Main, Warsaw, London, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Vilnius, Rome, Dublin, Prague, Brussels. Read More

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CA$3.29 / MO
Money Back: 45 Days

Expert Overview :
Bruno Mirchevski Bruno Mirchevski: FastComet has been making waves in the hosting industry since it established back in 2013. Owing to its variety of hosting options, flexible price points, and reliable customer service, it’s one of the most popular providers available in the US and around the world.

Alongside its free site migrations, built-in firewall, and free daily/weekly backups, FastComet guarantees 99.9% uptime. The cloud-hosting specialist is known throughout the industry for its robust technology for all kinds of hosting, whether it’s dedicated, VPS, or WordPress. What’s more, it offers 100% satisfaction. If you’re unsure about whether it’s the right hoster for you, you can take full advantage of its 45-day money-back guarantee. Read More

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CA$0.80 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Idan Cohen Idan Cohen: MilesWeb offers 54 different Website Builder Services plans: Tyro, Bronze, SMV1, Domain SSL, V1, E5-2609 2.4GHz (4 Cores), V2, E5-2620 2.5GHz (6 Cores + HT), Silver, Swift, SMV2, Rapid SSL Standard, WildCard SSL, E5-2670 2.6GHz (8 Cores + HT), Gold, Turbo, SMV3, V3, SMV4, 2 x E5-2620 2.5GHz (12 Cores + HT), TrueBusinessID EV, Platinum, V4, Neo, 2 x E5-2620 2.5GHz (12 Cores + HT), SMV5, V5, Entry, SMV6, V6, 2 x E5-2670 2.6GHz (16 Cores + HT), SMV1, Smart, 2 x E5-2670 2.6GHz (16 Cores + HT), SMV2, 2 x E5-2680 2.8GHz (20 Cores + HT), Plus, 2 x E5-2680 2.8GHz (20 Cores + HT), SMV3, SMV4, SMV5, SMV6, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, SMW1, SMW2, SMW3, SMW4, SMW5, SMW6. Their servers are placed in next locations: Brooklyn, Atlanta, Mumbai, London, Bucharest. Read More

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CA$2.67 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan: LWS offers 3 different Website Builder Services plans: Pro S, Pro M, Pro L. Their servers are placed in Paris. Read More

Server Locations Paris
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CA$12.22 / MO
Money Back: 60 Days

Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: Crazy Domains offers 4 different Website Builder Services plans: WEBSITE, ECOMMERCE, WEBSITE DESIGN, ECOMMERCE DESIGN. Their servers are placed in next locations: London, Singapore, Melbourne. Read More

Website Builders in 2020 – The Contenders for the Best Service Around

In the past, the task of building a website could only be accomplished by someone with extensive knowledge of programming languages and the software environment.

Today, even a layperson with very little familiarity with coding can build a website, thanks to intuitive website builders that have become a welcome feature in leading web hosting solutions.

Still, website builder experiences range from clunky to smooth, and finding a hosting service with an easy-to-use website builder is key if you don’t have the technical background, or if you’d simply prefer not to invest time in building a website from scratch.

Looking into hosting services with website builders included? Here are some of the website builder issues you should look into:

  • Is it included in the plan price or is it an add-on?
  • Is it drag-and-drop?
  • How many free themes does it come with?
  • Are the themes responsively designed?

While there are other features that should influence your decision, these questions give you a pretty good idea of whether a website builder can provide the results you’re looking for.

Find which website builder best suits your website needs by reading this expert review and then browsing through our users’ assessment of the leading website builders on the market.

What is a website builder?

Website builders are tools that allow you to create a website without any prior coding knowledge. Instead, the company that has produced the website builder has done most or all of the coding already, leaving you to make design changes such as choosing themes, fonts, and media and positioning them within the website.

Unlike a CMS, which typically requires more familiarity with the software environment, most website builders have the layperson as their target audience. To attract users without programming familiarity, many hosting services now offer free website builders, either in-house or third-party, along with their plans.

Why do You Need a Website Builder?

If you are an SMB, a small e-commerce business, a blogger or have a personal website, a website builder is a great way for you to create a personalized website in no time.

The most obvious advantage of a drag-and-drop website builder is that it lets you create a fully functional website customized with themes and features that you choose without having to code a single line.

Different website builders have different strengths, and it’s worth taking the time to see which features are critical for your website. Some excel at responsive design, others at e-commerce stores, while others are renowned for their ability to design an entire website as a single page.

Many website builders offer various types of support for your website, such as built-in backups and multilingual options, that can be critical for websites with growth in their sights. In general, website builders come with the basic applications the you need, leaving little room for confusion. However, many website builders let you incorporate different apps into your website to broaden the scope of what you can do with it.

Finally, a number of leading website builders are caught up with the newest in design trends. If a static web design isn’t for you, there are website builders that enable you to include animation or even video backgrounds in your design, all without any prior programming knowledge.

A word of caution: though websites built by website builders can accommodate smaller audiences, enterprise-level businesses or businesses that need a high level of website customization will need to use their in-house IT team or hire a developer.

What are the Benefits of a Website Builder?

  • You can build a website without coding. Website building is no longer just a developer’s game. Whether you’re building an e-store, a blog, or a non-profit site, website builders can provide all of the features you need for your website to work without a hitch.
  • You have access to built-in SEO. A website that doesn’t invest in Search Engine Optimization isn’t going to go very far. However, even if you’re new to SEO many website builders offer support and guidance on how to improve your SEO and point out all the different sections of your website that would benefit from SEO.
  • You create beautifully-designed websites. We know that first impressions are formed in a matter of seconds, and having stunning web design plays a big part in keeping users on your website once they’ve landed there. With website builders, all you need to do is choose from one of hundreds of themes and customize it with your content – no graphic design degree necessary.

What Factors to Consider for a Website Builder?

  • Is it drag-and-drop? The drag-and-drop editor is pretty standard with newer website builders, but it’s still worth double-checking. Drag-and-drop is what makes it possible for non-programmers to create such stunning sites and quickly. If it’s not drag-and-drop, it’s probably not worth the investment of time and money.
  • How many themes does it offer? For beginners with little ability to make changes to the source code, being able to choose from a wide range of themes is critical to building an online brand image that you’ll love. Why go with a website builder that offers you a few dozen themes if you can choose one that offers you hundreds?
  • Is it optimized for e-commerce? There are a lot of different components that go into a successful e-commerce site, and your website builder must include the majority of them if you want to provide a seamless online shopping experience for your consumers. Specific features to look for include multiple shopping cart options, social media integrations, advanced analytics and abandoned cart recovery tools.
  • Is it responsively designed? More and more consumers prefer to shop on their smartphones than from a desktop. However, you don’t want to target just one device – you want to target them all. Make sure you choose a website builder that has responsive design built in, so that the website you took time to dream up and build looks beautiful no matter what device you’re browsing on.

Choose the Best Website Builder

The website builder you select is only one half of your website puzzle – the other half comes in the form of the web hosting solution you choose and its feature set, price points, and performance. Nevertheless, website builders are an incredibly simple way to set up beautiful websites, and finding the right one can make all the difference between a website that soars and a website that flops.

Ready to start building your website? Read our user reviews to figure out which website builder has the features you need.

Summary of 2021’s Best Website Builder Services:

Rank Web Host Monthly Price Range Expert Overview User Ratings
1 Wix Hosting CA$6.04 - CA$46.94 "Excellent for my photography site!"
2 Hostinger CA$2.67 - CA$4.01 "Oh my gosh! I love Hostinger. High quality, awesome price and really good customer service. I am very happy with my serv"
3 ChemiCloud N/A "Awesome Support and Fast, Fast Servers. We looked at many providers before selecting ChemiCloud. So glad we did!"
4 o2switch N/A "O2SWITCH is clearly one of the best (if not the best) provider in France!"
5 A2 Hosting CA$4.01 - CA$25.47 "Magnificent team -- super efficient, intelligent and kind -- with lots of immediate support and big library of KBs"
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