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99% Uptime

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Liliana Testani

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Liliana Testani,
Interface intuitiva, de fácil subida de archivos, uso para carga de actividades educativas aún no contrate servicio pago. Lo recomiendo por todo lo anterior para quien necesite aprender.
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John Smith
John Smith from United States,

They are not good anymore as a free service.

I logged in today after few months of inactivity to my test website which I did for coding practice. Not only it was gone, the panel with helpful stuff is not there anymore. Also I found out that "To save server resources and prov...Read Moreide everyone with free web hosting we regularly remove inactive accounts. Account considered inactive if no website is uploaded or it did not received more than 10 visitors in 30 days"
Great service, scumbags that started offering "free" service shouldn't have bothered with it in a first place. For me it was one of the worst bait service I dealt with.It used to do just what I needed, now it is unusable.
Barry B
Barry B from United States,

Warning It is a trap - they do not really give you any hosting

After I setup the site it ran OK for a couple of days, then it permanently moved to "CPU Over Limit" page and they just use your url to push their advertisements. THEY LIE - they do not offer free hosting, they use the trick to divert your traffic to their site
Mary A.
Mary A. from United Kingdom,

Suitable for beginners

I really enjoy hosting my blog with them.
First created it only for testing purposes but it turned out to be a great experience so I'm definitely staying with 000webhost.
Keep up the good job!
Paul Steve
Paul Steve from United Kingdom,

Amazing experience

Just wanted to share the amazing experience I had when beginning my career as a web developer. Must admit, that at the beginning was quite skeptical about free service providers, but if you don't try, you never know. Happy that I ...Read Moredid. I find it amazing to find a company who can provide you a free service that matches the quality of paid services with reliable customer support and wide selection of features. Thumbs up!Less
Unhappy 000webhost user
Unhappy 000webhost user from United States,

Look elsewhere

I've used them for a few sites. They offer free hosting with low down time. Their "down time" may be low but they constantly have DIVERT TIME! Your site will be up but redirected to their AD site irregularly. You can refresh and i...Read Moret will go to your site. Some of your pages when clicked will go to their AD site for no reason, then refresh and they will go to your site. No rhyme or reason, just poor control or is it. They want you to upgrade to Hosting24, but why would you want to when you are treated so bad with their free hosting. Move on unless you really don't care about up-time (read redirect time).Less
Well, actually it's impossible to compare free hosting services to paid ones. I'm using Hosting24 now (started with 000webhost). Anyone who is serious about their business knows that the free plan only works if you don't expect a ...Read Morelot of traffic on your website and the problems that you had, happened only because you've reached the CPU limit. And you weren't treated badly, it's just how hosting works. :)
Doug N
Doug N from United States,

Permanent "Under review" status

Uploaded my files and before I could even configure anything, the website went into "under review" status which shows a page that says the review should last a few hours. No support is available to free accounts so there is no one...Read More to ask (though they send out mails asking if you like your new account) so after 3 weeks of looking at that page, and responding to thier email. I gave up. Stay away.Less
Christopher KHAWAND
Christopher KHAWAND,
That was the old system, should go fine now :)

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Expert Hosting Writer & Tester

Expert Overview

High quality hosting with great reputation

000Webhost is one of the most well known and utilized free and paid web hosting company. They offer what I consider one of the best, if not the best, free host around. It may not be the most featured control panel, as it’s a light version of a real hosting account, but easily the most reliable, quickest to set up, and overall most convenient. Unfortunately they don’t have a premium hosting plan of their own but do link to a different host with a great one (presumably with an affiliate link).



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Very reliable for free hosting

For a free host, they are extremely reliable. You wouldn’t expect a company that doesn’t make money from their hosting packages to offer a good support system, but they do. It all runs through the ticket system for the most part, but I’ve had to use it myself, and they were quick to reply to my questions. Their system allows for full backups, offer a 99% uptime, and even allow you to run cron jobs.


Good list of nice features

With their free plan, they have no advertisements, hidden fees, 1.5GB of space, and 100GB of bandwidth, as well as multiple add-on domains, SQL databases, and more! It includes a simple site builder with a light version hosting control panel, it doesn’t have all the features of cPanel but gets the job done anyways. I’ve seen plenty of other hosts charge $5-10 a month for the same price, just not worth it. While they list a premium hosting package on their home page, which has pretty good features and pricing, it’s only a link to another hosting company. 000WebHost also has a pretty good affiliate program of their own, paying you for active signups even for their free package.


Good self support options

One of my favorite features is the forum. As free hosting is always in demand and they offer some of the best services around, they have have hundreds of thousands of loyal users. This means they have been through most problems you could imagine and they have discussed it there for your use. If that doesn’t work, just contact them via the ticket system and they’ll get back to you within a few hours normally, not bad for a free host. I’ve had worse support from companies that I paid.



The best part about them is that the price is ZERO. No advertisements, no fees, nothing. You can use your own domain name, not a generic subdomain nobody likes, all for no cost at all. Every free host I’ve ever ran into besides them have some type of caveat: It’s only free for a limited period, there are (or will be) advertisements, no using your domain name, or no transferring your data if you wish to leave. 000WebHost has none of these, if you want to switch to a different company, you’ll be able to transfer all your files, databases, and so on, without any problem.


One of the best free hosting companies

Overall, 000WebHost is one of the few reliable web hosts out there. Over the years, I’ve ran into a couple good ones, but most of them have either shut down or terminated their free service as they grew bigger, but not these guys. They offer all the features you want in a hosting account, including ample disk space and bandwidth, for no cost whatsoever. With an uptime guarantee, a support staff that answers, and even a great affiliate program, everyone has a use for 000WebHost at one point or another.


  • FREE
  • 100 Gigs of bandwidth
  • Many great features


  • Custom control panel

000webhost Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Free Hosting 300.03 MB 3.07 GB 1 CA$0.00 4.6 Details
Single Shared Hosting 30 GB 100.04 GB cPanel 1 CA$1.91 5.0 Details
Premium Shared Hosting 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited CA$3.55 4.9 Details
Business Shared Hosting 200 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited CA$5.48 4.6 Details

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