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Node.js is a runtime environment for web servers that allows JavaScript code to be executed by the hardware instead of the web browser for developing a new category of cloud applications. More web hosting companies are adding support for Node.js applications on their shared LAMP server stack software. Professional Node.js developers will prefer cloud, VPS, & dedicated server hosting plans. One of the biggest limitations to running Node.js applications on shared Linux hosting platforms is the throttle limit on simultaneous I/O processes which can shut sites down if they use too many CPU resources. Web development teams have more options for building custom code with VPS & dedicated server isolation. Node.js hosting is primarily a balance of high performance hardware and platform support under managed or unmanaged approaches to web server stack configuration.
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1. A2 Hosting
"Excellent service" – Hermes Manuel Cortes Meza
"The Best!" – Arvin memaphu
CA$5.02 – CA$372.14 Unlimited 120 Days Linux
Amsterdam Singapore Southfield
2. FastComet
"The best support ever" – Dominik K.
"Hosting Support" – Ross Pagan
CA$5.06 – CA$536.78 15 GB – 768 GB 45 Days Linux
London Amsterdam Singapore Tokyo Chicago Dallas Frankfurt am Main
3. SiteGround
"Great customer service" – Shauna Robertson
"Best hosting service out there" – Lauren C
CA$5.94 – CA$505.23 10 GB – 2 TB 30 Days Linux
Chicago London Amsterdam Singapore Milano
4. TMDHosting
"Excellent team" – Rafael Marfil Navarro
"Excellent Hosting Support" – George Riad
CA$3.65 – CA$498.34 Unlimited 60 Days Linux
Chicago Amsterdam Singapore London Sydney Tokyo
5. HostUpon
"Reliable And Affordable" – Simon Ben
"Excellent Customer Support" – Todd Cunningham
CA$5.06 – CA$762.25 Unlimited 30 Days Linux
6. LiquidWeb
"Very Happy" – Philip Franckel
"Better Support & services" – jellina smith
CA$19.15 – CA$767.37 5 GB – 3.6 TB 30 Days Linux
Lansing Phoenix
7. Host1Plus
"Great support" – Aldis Āboliņš
"Good support but not a bit overpriced" – S. M.
CA$4.10 – CA$242.13 20 GB – 1000 GB 14 Days Linux
Los Angeles Chicago Sao Paulo Johannesburg Frankfurt am Main
8. DreamHost
"Positive experience for a small business owner" – Paul Alfred
"Love DreamHost!" – Nicolas S.
CA$5.76 – CA$357.42 Unlimited 97 Days Linux
Los Angeles
9. Hostinger
"Where is no stupid question!" – Adnan Agons
"Fast to help" – Maddalena Accosato
CA$2.75 – CA$97.30 10 GB – Unlimited 30 Days Linux
Manchester Sao Paulo Asheville
10. RoseHosting
"Great company of hosting !" – Florin Dezmirean
"Good service, great support" – Jeff B.
CA$7.62 – CA$575.21 2 GB – 500 GB 7 Days Linux
St. Louis

Summary of 2017’s Best Node.js Hosting Hosting:

Web Host Monthly Price Range User Ratings
1. A2 Hosting CA$5.02CA$372.14
9.4 (511 reviews )
2. FastComet CA$5.06CA$536.78
9.8 (452 reviews )
3. SiteGround CA$5.06CA$430.45
9.7 (826 reviews )
4. TMDHosting CA$3.65CA$498.34
8.9 (138 reviews )
5. HostUpon CA$5.06CA$762.25
9.5 (69 reviews ) provides professional web hosting reviews fully independent of any other entity. Our reviews are unbiased, honest, and apply the same evaluation standards to all those reviewed. While monetary compensation is received from a few of the companies listed on this site, compensation of services and products have no influence on the direction or conclusions of our reviews. Nor does the compensation influence our rankings for certain host companies. This compensation covers account purchasing costs, testing costs and royalties paid to reviewers.

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