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Dedicated servers are one of the most powerful options in the web hosting marketplace and can scale to support more than 10 million page hits per month or more based on configuration. A single web server running Nginx, Varnish Cache, & WordPress maybe be able to support over 100 million page hits per month. Dedicated servers need to be optimized for maximum web traffic support or scale to elastic cloud solutions. One web server could be configured with 100+ 1 GB VPS plans for SaaS deployments. Dedicated web servers provide the bare metal configuration options, isolated security, and web server stack software customization ability that the most demanding web/mobile applications require. Install any Linux or Windows operating system, programming language, or database framework. Managed server plans include remote stack security upgrades and developer utilities or snapshot support.
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1. LiquidWeb
User Ratings
"Very Happy" – Philip Franckel
"Better Support & services" – jellina smith
CA$119.30 – CA$738.63 8 MB – 781 GB 256 GB – 2 TB Windows
Lansing Phoenix
2. Hostiso LLC
User Ratings
"Excellent work" – Marc Chinama
"Perfect VPS, Perfect Support." – Ljube Saragjinov
CA$245.39 – CA$985.25 16 GB – 250 GB 480 GB – 8 TB Windows
Montreal Frankfurt am Main Singapore Buffalo Roubaix
3. A2 Hosting
User Ratings
"Easy and Very Helpful!" – Frank Kitchen
"Great Service, Blazing speeds" – Demetre Minchev
CA$122.80 – CA$358.20 8 GB – 16 GB 1000 GB – 2 TB Linux
Amsterdam Singapore Southfield
4. FastComet
User Ratings
"Great Support" – George C
"The support and overall experience is good" – Maxim Zaikoff
CA$171.40 – CA$516.67 4 GB – 32 GB 96 GB – 768 GB Linux
London Amsterdam Singapore Tokyo Chicago Dallas Frankfurt am Main
5. SiteGround
User Ratings
"excellent support. the best." – Saurabh Tomar
"Perfect Servers & Support" – Jamal Joubran
CA$282.38 – CA$529.00 4 GB – 15.6 GB 500 GB – 2 TB Linux
Chicago London Amsterdam Singapore Milano
6. TMDHosting
User Ratings
"Best in class" – Alekh Singh
"Great Hosting Dervice" – Joseph Keenan
CA$282.38 – CA$479.68 8 GB – 24 GB 500 GB – 2 TB Linux
Chicago Amsterdam Singapore London Sydney Tokyo
7. InterServer
User Ratings
"Live suport" – Ali Colina
"is very good" – karrar ahssan
CA$171.40 – CA$382.26 8 GB – 16 GB 250 GB Windows
Secaucus Los Angeles
8. Hostwinds
User Ratings
"You guys are awesome." – Nadine Duerr
"They were very helpful and polite, efficient." – Lauren Kohler
CA$122.08 16 GB 2 TB
Dallas Seattle
9. InMotion Hosting
User Ratings
"Highly recommended!" – Hector Perez
"Superb Company with Superb Customer Service" – Davina Bookbinder
CA$123.30 – CA$665.86 8 GB – 64 GB 1000 GB – 4 TB Linux
Los Angeles Herndon
10. HostUpon
User Ratings
"Service Excellent" – Doug Smith
"Quick response and outstanding support!" – Paul Jokelainen
CA$215.79 – CA$733.69 2 GB – 16 GB 75 GB – 1 TB Linux

Summary of 2017’s Best Dedicated Server Hosting Hosting:

Web Host Monthly Price Range User Ratings
1. LiquidWeb CA$119.30CA$738.63
9.5 (56 reviews )
2. Hostiso LLC CA$245.39CA$985.25
9.4 (40 reviews )
3. A2 Hosting CA$122.80CA$358.20
9.4 (444 reviews )
4. FastComet CA$171.40CA$516.67
9.8 (435 reviews )
5. SiteGround CA$282.38CA$529.00
9.7 (691 reviews ) provides professional web hosting reviews fully independent of any other entity. Our reviews are unbiased, honest, and apply the same evaluation standards to all those reviewed. While monetary compensation is received from a few of the companies listed on this site, compensation of services and products have no influence on the direction or conclusions of our reviews. Nor does the compensation influence our rankings for certain host companies. This compensation covers account purchasing costs, testing costs and royalties paid to reviewers.

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